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You should go for it I do it all the time. All the changes I have done in the past 4 years I probably could write a book on it or do the changes in my sleep. I guess that is what happens if you like to tinker and the only half only allows 1 tank setup . I got the tank with nautal gravel and soon there after switched to black gravel. Then a year or so later I wanted to try sand so switched to white sand. The white sand I had was very fine and at that time I had HOB filters and had problems with sand burning up the impellers/motors so I switched to quickete medium grade sand. Never really liked the look of that and ended up upgrading to canisters so I recently switched to black sand. The only beef I had with the black sand is cost vs. the other types but it really makes the colorful fish like yellow labs and peacocks pop.
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You are facing a problem if your yellow water is due to dissolved organic carbons. This is a waste issue. You have a DOC problem if your water is cloudy, you have no aquarium wood in your tank, fish are sick or dying and there is an unpleasant odor. You may see clumps of decaying waste or dead plants. This problem is more common in brand new tanks and tanks in which you've recently switched to a new type of food. Improper filtration, infrequent water changes, dying plants, dead fish or invertebrates in the tank, overcrowding, leftover fish food and uncured gravel all contribute to DOC. Dissolved organic compounds can cause "toxic blooms," whereby microorganisms growing in the DOC deplete the oxygen in your tank and cause fish death. Top 50g yellow Large Opal Gravel Welo Opal Rohstein Fish Tank F337 free shipping
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Photo provided by FlickrNov 9, 2013 - Hello it's been around 1 month now that i have a fish tank and my white gravel/substrate is turning yellow/dark yellow or maybe a little brown.
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