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Our systems incorporate successful filtration methods and lighting that were designed to "hold" corals and allow the corals to thrive while they remain in our care. We offer wholesale pricing on Corals, Tropical Fish, Invertebrates & Live Rock to companies with valid business accreditation. Our strict guidelines are in place to protect stores from hobbyists or basement operations trying to buy from us. We look forward to assisting you and your company to form a successful business venture.
Exporter of Great Quality Wholesale Tropical Fish at Even Better Prices!
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Welcome to Blue Reef Aquatics, your number one source for aquariums, aquarium supplies and livestock for both freshwater and saltwater fish tank enthusiasts. We pride ourselves in our product knowledge, happy and healthy fish and great prices that keep our customers coming back. Blue Reef Aquatics is the premiere saltwater and freshwater fish store destination in Las Vegas! Our goal is to provide our customers with a great selection of tropical fish, corals, plants, foods, aquariums, aquarium supplies and great customer service. We now stock thousands of aquarium products such as protein skimmers, air pumps, water pumps and power heads, aquarium lighting, fish food, refugiums, aquarium filters, aquarium heaters, and much more reef aquarium supplies. New products are added daily so please visit us often to get the latest quality aquarium products at great prices. We stock extensive line of fish tank supplies from premium brands like Aquaillumination, Neptune Systems, Reef Octopus, Hydor, JBJ, Seachem, Brightwell Aquatics, Red Sea, Eshopps, Salifert, Visio, ATI, and many others. Most of our live stock is hand selected from some of the best wholesalers in the country such as Quality Marine, Sea Dwelling creatures, Segrests Farms, O.R.A. Farms, Underwater World and others. tropical fish at reasonable prices, direct from the breeder/wholesaler.
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R.M.S. Aquaculture began as a fish farm on April 1st 1984. The company was started by Steven Zarzeczny, Robert Knyszek, and Michael D'Aversa, who had started breeding a wide variety of fish and then selling them to wholesalers and pet stores. After 3 1/2 years of breeding tropical fish, the partners decided to transform the company into a retail establishment. They worked long and hard to upgrade the dilapidated greenhouse where they had bred fish. R.M.S. opened in Berea, Ohio in July 1987. The low prices, large inventory, unique setup, and friendly expert service, contributed to the store's popularity.Customers love ReefHotSpot because they find a better selection of saltwater fish and live corals at a much better price than other tropical fish stores in Los Angeles, San Fernando Valley (SFV), Canoga Park, Orange County, Pasadena, or Long Beach. ReefHotSpot does not sell wholesale to the Los Angeles market but other saltwater fish stores in the Los Angeles market buy from ReefHotSpot because our discount prices are wholesale so low. If you are in the market for rare or hard to find corals in Los Angeles, ReefHotSpot is worth the drive no matter where you are starting out. Many of our rare corals are half the price or less compared to other saltwater fish stores in the San Fernando Valley (SFV), Canoga Park, Encino, Hollywood, Pasadena, Orange County or Long Beach. Check out selection online and compare! ReefHotSpot's salwater fish store is located in West Los Angeles by LAX Airport and is just a short drive over the pass from the San Fernando Valley, Canoga Park, Encino, North Hollywood and Pasadena.Flowerhorns From BangkokTropical fish wholesale supplier, East Coast Tranship, says Flowerhorns have become all the rage in the past few years. Their prices vary greatly from country to country, and also within the different flowerhorn types. ... Through The Tropical Fish Wholesale Network, the highest quality wholesalers, importers and breeders offer nearly every type of fish in the industry. These are select suppliers who cater to high end local pet shops. They do not supply chains or box" stores. Many of these fish are available to local pet shops only through NETWORK suppliers. NETWORK suppliers offer a quality product unavailable through mega-suppliers. They ship healthy, vigorous, acclimated fish with an unconditional, hassle-free guarantee. Prices are direct from suppliers with no markup or fees. The NETWORK is a service to quality pet shops that require the very best products at the very best prices.