Where to Buy Acrylic Aquariums Online

Where to Buy Small Acrylic Aquariums Online
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Acrylic Drops/Scrap. We have a seemingly endless supply of acrylic cutoffs that are too small for our typical aquariums, and not enough time to put together products made from them. If you are looking for some acrylic and don’t need full sheets, then we can likely sell you some of our drops for less than you will be able to buy it for anywhere else. Most material is 3/4″ to 2″ thick, and in a variety of sizes. All is new, quality cell cast material, and paper masked. Priced per sq. ft. or by the lb. and great for a wide variety of uses. Call with what you are looking for.
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I got a glass 55 gallon tank given to me and, as a newbie, didn’t know or consider the possibility of seam failure. I discovered a TINY pinhole size leak in it near the top and did a spot repair with aquarium silicone. It’s been 3 days and leak appears fixed, for now. I did NOT do what was recommended in all the repair reading I did as far as empty the whole tank and dry it out and repair the entire seam(because I had nowhere else to keep the fish), as the leak was only about an inch from the top and was extremely tiny (we are talking I would wipe the droplet of water that had leaked out off and it would be 24 hours before another droplet formed). What I am paranoid about though is the integrity of the rest of the tank-is there a chance this tank could just blow out when I’m away sometime? I had heard that acrylic tanks are less likely to fail, but I’ve been reading and this may not be true??? Should I just go ahead and buy a new tank (either glass or acrylic)? Where to buy acrylic aquariums with built in overflow
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