help what kind of fish is this

How can I find out what kind of fish this is
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Anyways, take this quiz to find out what kind of fish you are. You wont regret it. Well you might, but only if you become a red fish. But that would mean you suck so don't do that, k?
What kind of fish is this?
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Hello, My name is Daniel. My 3 year old daughter (Tori) hooked this fat monster fish. It was super fat and healthy. It weighed over 20 pounds. I had to assist land this thing but she did fight it for a bit. We caught it at Kawanis lake. I’ve caught these in the past but really don’t know what kind of fish it is. We ended up hooking 4 of these big fish but only landed the one. We were using #10 hooks and #10 line so I’m surprised we even landed one without snapping the line. I had one that was even bigger than this but it broke my line as I tried to get it over the concrete banking. We also caught 11 rainbows, 10 blue gill and 2 bass. We tossed them all back except 2 nice rainbows. I also caught a 2 pound rainbow out of the same lake a week before. Corn, worms, salmon eggs and meal worms are the ticket. 8am-10am then 11:30am till 12:30 and then again 3:30 till dark are the times to fish at this lake. The times between are slow so thank goodness for the slides for the kids. ) Thank you much and tell Cissie Bennit I said hi.
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