I neglected to ask what kind of fish it would be

I've caught these in the past but really don't know what kind of fish it is.
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When purchasing fish in a market or at a restaurant, it's important to read the label and ask questions so that you can make a more informed purchase. What is the country of origin? Is it wild-caught or farm-raised? If wild-caught, was it caught with poles or longlines? And if farmed, was it in an open pen (potential contamination) or in a contained tank or pond? Be leery of fish that is out of season or offered at a price that seems too good to be true. Fish fraud (substituting a less expensive fish for a more expensive kind) is a common problem in markets and restaurants globally. Other tips? When buying wild fish at the store, look for the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) eco-label on the packaging to be sure proper fishing practices were used. Also, downloading the Seafood Watch Mobile App from the Monterey Bay Aquarium will help you make smarter choices at point of purchase.
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Service was alright. Waitress felt a little put off by us asking what the market prices was on a couple pieces of fish on the menu that day. We are from a different part of the country and would like to know what kind of price we are looking at before committing to an unknown priced lunch item.

Other than that, the food was very good. If you can find a spot that isn't blocked off by pillars of boats docked, you can get some really good views of the water. What kind of fish can you keep with axolotls
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Anyways, take this quiz to find out what kind of fish you are. You wont regret it. Well you might, but only if you become a red fish. But that would mean you suck so don't do that, k?"Food, and which foods one likes, is a matter of personal taste. But gefilte fish -- whether you like it or not -- is all about tradition. That is what makes it such an evocative and special food, especially during Passover. At Russ & Daughters, my family has been making and serving gefilte fish for four generations. In so doing, we feel a part of thousands of seders every year. We make two kinds: the more classic one with whitefish, pike and carp, and our salmon-whitefish gefilte fish, which we only make for Passover and the Jewish New Year." There are a lot of different kinds of fish that you can grow: Tilapia, Catfish, Trout, Bass. We recommend Tilapia if your climate is warm. They are a fast growing fish and do not acquire diseases very quickly and they can handle all kinds of bad water. The problem with Tilapia is that you have to keep the water temperature above 55 degrees. For a warm climate, that is fine. For a cold climate, you might want to grow Trout or another cold water fish. The best thing to do is to check with the local wildlife agency to see what they recommend for your area.Hello, My name is Daniel. My 3 year old daughter (Tori) hooked this fat monster fish. It was super fat and healthy. It weighed over 20 pounds. I had to assist land this thing but she did fight it for a bit. We caught it at Kawanis lake. I’ve caught these in the past but really don’t know what kind of fish it is. We ended up hooking 4 of these big fish but only landed the one. We were using #10 hooks and #10 line so I’m surprised we even landed one without snapping the line. I had one that was even bigger than this but it broke my line as I tried to get it over the concrete banking. We also caught 11 rainbows, 10 blue gill and 2 bass. We tossed them all back except 2 nice rainbows. I also caught a 2 pound rainbow out of the same lake a week before. Corn, worms, salmon eggs and meal worms are the ticket. 8am-10am then 11:30am till 12:30 and then again 3:30 till dark are the times to fish at this lake. The times between are slow so thank goodness for the slides for the kids. ) Thank you much and tell Cissie Bennit I said hi.