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Aug 4, 2016 - We are here today to discuss what the best type of algae eating fish is, ..
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What do you think is the best freshwater aquarium algae eater? Do you know of another type of algae eating fish, snail, or shrimp that does well in your fish tank at home? Share with us your thoughts and recommendations below in the comments section.
What fish/invert eats the most string algae
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I have a small aquarium I bought from Walmart and it has two goldfish,rocks, artificial plants and a pump and filter. What would be the best algae eater for my tank? What is the best algae eating fish for small tanks
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The best fish for ponds are bottom feeders. That is, they like to hang out around the bottom of the pond and eat whatever is down there. They also eat algae, and there is a bonus. Some of them are quite attractive, so you can kill pond algae and make your landscape more beautiful at the same time.When it comes to the question of “what fish eat algae?” the response is vast because there are so many different types of fish and aquatic animals that will consume various types of algae, the kind you get really depends on your tank and your needs. So, before you purchase any algae eaters, make sure to research them in depth: Learn what type of food they need, whether they are compatible with other fish, and most importantly, whether their fish tank is large enough for them.There are various different types of algae which you may find growing in your fish tank. You may think that the type of algae is irrelevant, but when it comes to getting the right fish for eating and it is quite important to know the differences. Not all fish will eat all types of algae, so depending on what kind of algae you have you will want to get different algae eating fish.

Let’s quickly go over the different kinds of algae that could be in your fish tank. We are here today to discuss what the best type of algae eating fish is, what other types of fish and aquatic animals eat algae, as well as what kinds of algae you may find in your fish tank.I must caution anyone who is purchasing to be aware that these 2 inch very peaceful algae eaters are often mistaken with the Chinese Algae Eater and that can be disastrous when your supposedly small sweet 'oto' turns into a fish eating beast and starts killing off your fish. This happened to me when I trustingly put what I thought were otocinclus in 4 of my tanks to discover some 3 months later that the shredded , and unexplainably dead fish were being victimized by these impostors. As always buyer beware, if it's much more than 2 inches long it's not an otocinclus and needs to relocate if you value your fish.These fish also don’t do well when there are big changes in the consistency of the water so be careful to keep the water at the same parameters when housing the Twig Catfish. As a base line, the Twig Catfish should be in a tank that is at least 70 liters in size. The question of “what fish eat algae?”, especially the number one choice, is best answered by saying that the Twig Catfish is your number one option. If you had the question of “what fish eat algae?” you probably don’t have it anymore because this comprehensive guide on algae feeding fish should have given you all of the info that you need, both about algae and the fish and other aquatic animals that will help you get rid of it. If you have an algae problem the best solution is to get one of the options listed above.