Wellness CORE Salmon, White Fish & Herring Ingredients:

The Key Points to the Wellness CORE Salmon, White Fish & Herring Canned Cat Food:
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Wellness CORE Kitten Food is protein based, grain-free nutrition formulated just for kittens. Wellness CORE is based on the raw feeding philosophy of providing nutrient-rich, high-quality meat to a cat's diet. Each grain-free kibble is packed with meat from deboned turkey and chicken, turkey meal, chicken meal and whitefish meal along with a proprietary blend of fruits, vegetables, oils and botanicals that nurture your kitten to the core. Wellness CORE Kitten Food is a complete and balanced kitten food for everyday feeding that features DHA from salmon oil to support healthy brain an deye development, optimal calories for growth, Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids for healthy skin and coat, anitoxidants to support immune health and is made with naturally gluten-free ingredients.
The Key Points to the Wellness CORE Salmon, Whitefish & Herring Canned Dog Food:
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I searched high and low for a healthy, dry cat food that my 3 picky cats would actually enjoy. After many attempts, and many failures, I have found the perfect dry cat food! Wellness Core Fish & Fowl Dry Cat Food is perfect!

I really like Wellness brand food. They don't have any byproducts in their food. This food is also grain free. It is all meat proteins which my cats prefer. Their coats are extremely shiny, and so soft to touch. I have noticed almost immediately after they finished the first bag, that they poop much less (obviously they are digesting more of the food, than passing it on thru), and their poop doesn't smell super stinky! They have much more energy as well. I see them playing and chasing each other a lot more.

I started searching for a healthy food when 2 of my cats were having digestive issues, and super itchy skin. I took them to the vet over and over, and we finally decided they were having allergic reactions to all the additional items added to so many dry foods on the market. Literally after that first bag, I saw noticeable differences in their energy, digestion and fur.

Wellness Core is pricey, but well worth it. Just imagine how many less vet bills you will have once you switch your kitties to this nutritional food!

Flavor Selection
I don't know if the kitties notice, or if the wide selection of flavors is more for the parents. Great selection! Wellness CORE Salmon, Whitefish & Herring Guaranteed Analysis:
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What’s so valuable about Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free 95% Salmon & Whitefish with Sweet Potatoes Wet Canned Dog Food? Find out here: * 100% all natural, gluten free, grain free wet canned dog food * 95% pure fish plus antioxidant-rich superfood * Balanced meal or add on top for an extra boost of…Wellness CORE grain free Fish & Fowl recipe for adult cats and kittens contains meat protein in the main 5 ingredients, providing a high protein source for the carnivore cat diet, using high quality, low-in-ash meats.My two cats have always been very picky. When they tried this cat food, they absolutely loved it. I was thrilled to have finally found a cat food that they thoroughly enjoy. Wellness CORE Fish & Fowl dry cat food is among the top all-natural brands. I found it at my local pet store, and I now purchase it monthly. I like how it comes in a large bag, so I have to purchase it less often. It is on the expensive side, but it is very high in quality. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to ensure their cats are healthy and strong.

Quality of Ingredients
This cat food is nutritious, and it is made up of all-natural, top quality ingredients. When I took a look at the ingredient list, I could pronounce all of the ingredients down the list. I appreciate that Wellness CORE cares about my cats' health just as much as I do.

Flavor Selection
Wellness CORE provides a variety of flavors to choose from. However, my cats prefer the fish and fowl formula.My 11 year old Husky/Dalmation recently developed sever skin allergies. Someone receommended Wellness Core Oean fish kibble and can food. Would my dog also be OK on the turley, chicken, liver can and kibble as well?