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Marineland Maxi Jet 900. Aquarium Pump Powerhead Wavemaker. Saltwater Tank. #Marineland
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Hi, this is the start of my saltwater reef aquarium.
the tank is just over 20 gallons, it has a Red Sea Berlin Airlift 90 protein skimmer, 3500 aqua one wavemaker, the idea of the tank is to start keeping soft coral and fish.
Wavemakers provide custom water movement in freshwater and saltwater aquariums
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Wavemakers are designed to give your aquarium the simulated effect of wave motion that your saltwater animals have when in their natural environment, but what other benefits do they provide? Wavemakers in Aquarium - Saltwater Aquarium Online Guide
Photo provided by FlickrSomeone told me I should remove the wavemaker in my saltwater aquarium because it creates bubbles
Photo provided by FlickrSaltwater aquarium fish tank Reef Living ( Wavemaker) - YouTube
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