Best & quiet water pumps (powerheads) for fish tanks and small ponds

LOOK: PERFECT NEW Fish Tank Aquarium 132 GPH Submersible Water Pump Fountain Hydroponic
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In these cases, whether or not to add an air pump to your goldfish tank is purely an aesthetic consideration. It won’t do any harm if you do choose to add one – and your certainly won’t end up with too much oxygen in your water – but it won’t really add anything other than making your tank look nice.
200L/H 3W USB Water Submersible Pump for Fish Tank Fountain Water Pump Hydroponics 1.5m
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Some users have been running this water pump constantly for over 5 years without any problems. This is probably the best value pump for medium/large sized fish tanks/ponds that is currently available. Kingda Electric Submersible Water Pump with 12 Colorful LED for Fountain Pool Garden Pond Fish Tank
Photo provided by Flickr80 GPH Submersible Pump with Powerhead Fountain for Aquarium Fish Tank Water Hydroponic
Photo provided by FlickrLOOK: PERFECT NEW Fish Tank Aquarium 132 GPH Submersible Water Pump Fountain Hydroponic
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Owncons Submersible Water Pump Aquarium Fish Tank Pumps Fountain Pump The Owncons submersible pump is perfect for nano to medium sized aquariums small ponds water gardens and desktop water fount...Outdoor Fountain Accessories - Meuxan Submersible Water Pump with Fountain Nozzle Kits for Pond Garden Pool Bird Bath Fish Tank Hydroponic 10Ft Cord 13W 800LH ** Click on the image for additional details. (This is an Amazon affiliate link)A fish tank pump can be either an air pump, for pushing air through an airstone or aeration tubing, or a filter pump, which draws water from the tank through a filter and back into the tank. Air pumps do not require priming. For water filtration pumps, you will need to prime the system to get the water moving. Very few aquarium filter pumps are self-priming. To prime means to place water in the portions of the filter that should be filled with water during normal operation before you turn on the motor.Flexzion Aquarium Wave Maker 800GPH Submersible Circulation Water Pump 360 Degree Rotation Powerhead for Reef Coral Fish Tank with Suction Cup Mount Power CordUniclife UL400 Submersible Water Pump, 400 GPH Aquarium/ Hydroponic/ Fish Tank /Fountain/ Pond/Statuary with 6' UL Listed Power Cord * Visit the image link more details.Aquarium pumps are designed to pump air or water to maintain the health of an aquarium and its inhabitants by providing the circulation and oxygenation which prevent water stagnation. Although they are optional pieces of equipment, aquarium pumps are a staple ingredient to a smoothly functioning tank ecosystem. The purchase and installation of one should be considered by anyone planning on owning fish.One of the most , possibly second only to , is that you need an air pump and to provide sufficientoxygenation to that tank to keep the fish healthy, and that the airpump provides oxygen to the water. In fact, the air pump is notnecessary to keeping fish, except as noted above. An air pump will notdirectly put oxygen into the water, what it will do is two things:Air pumps provide aeration and keep the level of oxygen in the tank at healthy levels for the fish. The pumps power air stones that generate air bubbles which rise to the water surface. This turbulence helps the water obtain oxygen from the surrounding air.