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Some manufacturers produce a gravel vacuum that can be attached toa faucet. These gravel vacuums allow you to remove water from the tankwhile cleaning the gravel, then to fill the tank again without using abucket or having to start a siphon. Though cleaning the gravel is thesame with one of these devices as it is with a regular gravel vacuum,you will need to consult the manufacturer's instructions for attachingthe apparatus to your faucet and for switching from drain mode to fillmode. If you are using one of these, remember to add to your tank prior toadding to minimize theexposure of your fish, plants, and to toxicchlorine.
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Leave no detail to chance when maintaining your aquarium. Fish tank cleaner can also include substrate vacuuming solutions which allow you to address substrate debris without removing them. Some pet parents choose a magnetic fish tank cleaner that allows you to clean your tank without getting your hands wet. Whether you're maintaining a garden pond, freshwater aquarium or reef tank, utilize the tools and fish tank cleaner designed for aquarium maintenance to sustain the beauty and elegance of your aquarium or pond. Gravel Cleaner for Aquarium, 2
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Cleaning your fish tank is never a fun duty. It's messy, it's wet, and depending on how long it's been since you've last cleaned your fish tank, it's gross. However, you can avoid all these unfortunate fish tank cleaning side effects, but using a shop vac to remove your old water. It's simple, but there are a few specific guidelines you'll have to follow if you want this to be successful.Please Visit For Aquarium and fish information as well as information on breeding fish.
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How to gravel vacuum your tank if you have sand. Depending on the length between gravel vacuum yes you do want to stir up the pockets so they dont build up and produce harmful concentrations.
Cleaning too much is a dreadful thing to do to a fish tank. One has to distinguish between mechanical cleaning an biological cleaning, which definitely is NOT the same thing. Most people think of the aquarium filter to be something like a vacuum cleaner in the house. Take away the dirt and everything is fine? Well, this is wrong. While too much detritus (decaying plants, animals etc.) is a bioburden to the tank, too little of it is a disaster, as it is the home for a living bacteria colony in your tank. plus, this detritus has been found to have a stabilizing effect on the ph value as it has some ion exchanging capacities. But that's another story. The Python 6PC Pro Clean-Mini has many features that make it a popular model. This unit is suitable for cleaning fish aquariums that hold up to 10 gallons of water with the same no-spill design of the larger Python models. This model features a 1-inch in diameter by 6-inch long vacuum tube that makes removing debris from gravel in small fish tanks easier due to the compact design of the unit. Included with the vacuum are 72 inches of heavy-duty flexible tubing.