40 Watt Replacement UV Lamp for Aquarium 40W SMART UV Sterilizers.

18 Watt Replacement UV Lamp for Aquarium 18W SMART UV Sterilizers.
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If your aquarium suffers from a green water or prolonged , it is ideal to use a UV sterilization lamp for the tank. The sterilizer kills only the free-floating microorganisms that are in the water flowing through it, so it is absolutely safe for the helpful nitrifying bacteria living on the surface of biological filter media and gravels.
25 Watt Replacement UV Lamp for Aquarium 25W SMART UV Sterilizers.
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The low pressure lamp used by most all Premium Aquarium & Pond UV Sterilizers (not always the low end UVs such as Jebo & AquaTop) is clearly the better choice based on this information. 40 Watt Replacement UV Lamp for Aquarium 40W SMART UV Sterilizers.
Photo provided by Flickr• We recommend changing the UV Lamps/Bulbs every six months for aquariums & warm climate ponds and every 12 months for cool climate ponds.
Photo provided by Flickr55W UV Lamp Tube Light Sunsun 2G11 For Aquarium Pond Clarifier Fish Sterilizer -- Want additional info? Click on the image.
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There are two common UVC emitting lamps types currently employed for pond or aquarium UV Sterilization: the low pressure and the medium pressure mercury lamp.Thus, the power of the UV lamp and the speed of the pump must be in the right ratio with the size of the tank. In general terms, 1 watt for every 20 liters (5 gallons) of water may work well, and a flow-through rate of about two times the volume of the aquarium per hour is appropriate. The suggestions of most manufacturers are generally lower than that, but the results are not always satisfying when the power of the lamp is lower. Remember that a UV bulb should never go over an aquarium directly, as it will kill the beneficial bacteria used in biological filtration and likely harm the other inhabitants.The basic criteria for a sound UV sterilizer design revolves around a careful selection of lamp type, lamp length, lamp position, and body diameter. These factors, together with the intended water flow rate, percent transmittance of the water to be treated, and UV dose rate needed to destroy the targeted microorganism or pathogen, should be the basis of your decision when purchasing a unit for your pond or aquarium.AVOID these low cost Hang On UVs, Lift Tube UVs, and small self powered UVs often peddled by those in the aquarium industry that give the industry a “black eye”.
About the only only reasonably effective submersible UV Sterilizer is the AAP CUP Series 9 & 13 Watt, along with a few other exact duplicates that include adequate pre-filtration, a low pressure HO UV lamp, and the correct flow rate.
Even then these should only be considered an economy UV Sterilizer for those on a budget and desiring simplicity (these still cost more than the non level 1 sterilization models previously noted). is about 40-65 gph per watt with a good to excellent UV Sterilizer using a HO low pressure UV lamp.
This achieves Green water control in both Aquarium and Pond. This is the most popular application for ponds.Great information, thanks! I am thinking to buy uvc lamp and sweep it to sterilize my kids' bed.... Almost tempted to purchase cheap Jeb*** for aquarium sterilization. Now I know it is too good to be true.