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• Perfect New Fish Tank Aquarium 528 gph 13W UV Sterilizer Submersible Filter Pond Pump CUP-613 / UVCP-13 Fresh Water or Salt Water
• Dimension: 12.5" L X …
• Aquarium Pumps & Filters 13W SUNSUN Aquarium UV Sterilizer Submersible Pump Filter 150 Gal Fish Tank#0088/41
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If your tank is well maintained ( happy, well fed, not over stock, good filteration) and you have "clean" fish (QT, or have med them before) you don't need a UV trying to kill bad bacteria. If your fish get sick with bacteria, and are 5-10 days from dying - trust me, just using a UV does nothing for you. You got to use meds like negative gram ones like Furan 2, Kanaplex...etc. The UV actually hurts the ability of these antibiotics to work too, so you have to turn off the UV anyways. 25 items - Cheap 5w UV germicidal lamp Best Plastic 220v fish tank aquarium filter ..
Photo provided by FlickrThis article attempts to inform the reader of the basics regarding UV filtration in a fish tank or aquarium.
Photo provided by Flickr52 items - Wholesale-JEBO 24W Wattage UV Sterilizer Lamp Light Ultraviolet Filter Clarifier Water Cleaner For Aquarium Pond Coral Koi Fish Tank 2500L.
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When using a UV Sterilizer in a home aquarium, the UV unit should be placed last in the filtration line. You want to first filter the aquarium water through your and then run the water through the UV device before returning the water to your fish tank. By first removing the solids in the aquarium water with your mechanical filter (canister filter, etc), you are helping your UV unit to attain maximum operational efficiency.Welcome to the world of algea bloom. Kristi has been taking care of our fish tank for the past 10 years and has had success with the fish population. Recently we noticed our water was green and foggy. We tried 3 water changes. First change was 2/3 second 1/3 and 3rd time was 1/2 the water. 3 days later the bloom returned. So we started doing some online research on this problem and came across this product. So here is the video review on the Aquatop UVP-13 UV fish tank filter system. I think this is a great product as shown in this video. Enjoy!UV filtration with 2 filters, and parasitic FW sys.f' 7/26/07 Hello again! I'm the one whorecently asked about treating a 130g tank that had gone through a nastyoutbreak of Chilodonella, before reintroducing the then cured fishes. Ifollowed the advice I received, and treated with Malachitegreen/formalin for a few days, coupled with massive water changes. Icycled the tank, and have since successfully transferred all afflictedfishes back (and some more) and so far, everyone is doing very well. Nosigns of ill-health at all. Thanks again for the advice!Recently, an experienced hobbyist on this forum highly recommended the Submariner UV sterilizer. This filter combines the UV and biofilter into one apparatus. I just bought one ($80) and am going to set it up for my 50 gal tank. It has a 7 watt UV lamp. I'm going to use this tank as a quarantine tank for new fish.