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Welcome to the Aquarium UV Sterilizers superstore! No one likes a green or dirty aquarium. The idea, after all, is to be able to watch and enjoy the beauty of the water, plants and fish that you've put so much effort into cultivating. When an algae bloom erupts and turns the tank a gross shade of green, all of that is ruined. And without something to prevent it, that will happen, and sooner rather than later. Ultraviolet light is an ideal solution. Installing a UV clarifier/sanitizer in your aquarium filter will provide clean, safe sanitizing power to kill the spores and cells that lead to algae in the first place. UV sterilizers are safe to use and will not harm plants or fish, while keeping your aquarium water crystal clear.

Pet Mountain's Aquarium UV Sterilizers store features top quality products from some of the most trusted names in aquarium maintenance and water treatment, including Aquatop, Lifegard Aquatics, and Oceanic. The is a perfect way to effectively eliminate free-floating microorganisms and disease-causing pathogens. As water is pumped through these units, the efficient UV lamp clarifies and sterilizes the water, providing clear, healthy water. The is a new and innovative method for eradicating and controlling free-floating micro-organisms as well as disease causing pathogens. Unlike typical UV sterilizing systems, the submersible UV sterilizer requires no special plumbing and is easy to use and maintain. Simply place the sterilizer directly into your tank or sump system up to the waterline. The built in pump will draw water in, running it past the UV bulb. The is a revolutionary and flexible hang-on design that makes installation effortless. The PFUV Elite Series is equipped with an internal UV Sterilizer Bulb to help control unwanted algae blooms and eradicate free-floating parasites such as Ich.

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Solid durable construction Terminator UV Sterilizers, Clarifiers, UV Filter Kits for aquariums and ponds
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This first picture to the left demonstrates the anti-oxidizing abilities of a true level one capable UV Sterilizer utilizing a (note that the majority of lamps sold now are medium pressure UV lamps with 1/4 the UVC output).
Using Potassium Permanganate, which is an oxidizer in both a control tank (left tank) and one utilizing an AAP Compact UV with a HO UVC Lamp (right tank).
As Potassium Permanganate is reduced, it goes from red to brown to clear. It is easy to see that the UV Sterilizer tank goes through these stages well ahead of the control tank.The implications demonstrate a true UV Sterilizer's ability to lower oxidative stress on fish and other inhabitants (including plants & corals) and work to provide a better Redox balance as well as known disease prevention & clarification abilities.

The second picture demonstrates clarification with a before and after picture of an aquarium with green water; As well as a comparison between a green pond without UV Sterilization and one of our client's ponds with a UV Sterilizer/ClarifierThe picture below further pictorially displays how a TRUE UV Sterilizer can help not only with clarification of an aquarium/pond with an assumed healthy bio filter (which should be but a minor reason to own a TRUE UV Sterilizer). It is noteworthy that clarification/green water control is much more effectively accomplished via a True UV Sterilizer over the majority of UV Clarifiers marketed as UV Sterilizers.
HOWEVER, and , a TRUE UV Sterilizer helps with disease prevention & Redox Balance (via proven lowering of oxidative stress) when properly connected (meaning flow rate, pre-filtration, etc.) and properly maintained by replacing with high output UV lamps/bulbs (not the economy replacement lamps/bulbs sold by discounters that have as little as 25% of the necessary UVC as a HO UV lamp).
This is the thrust of this article, as while it is certainly a good tool for green/cloudy water especially in ponds (assuming the bio filter is healthy), it is this Sterilization/Redox Balance aspect that years of hands on use in 1000s of applications has made the difference.
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This of course is a simplification, so please read the along with cited references for a better understanding so as to make a more educated decision of whether a true high dwell time UV Sterilizer is for you or maybe just a Clarifier or nothing at all! Internal/Submersible UV Sterilizers/Clarifiers in their current form are relatively new to the aquarium/pond hobby/industry.
Photo provided by FlickrSolid durable construction Terminator UV Sterilizers, Clarifiers, UV Filter Kits for aquariums and ponds.
Photo provided by FlickrJebao 55-watt UV Clarifier Sterilizer for Koi Fish Pond Aquarium Fish Tank. Up to 8800 Gallon Pond, Max Flat Rate: 5000 GPH
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