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In any of these cases, the used fish tank may have been purchasedat a garage sale or thrift store (well, if it was purchased at athrift store, it probably wasn't set up with fish in it...), or youmay have inherited this aquarium from an old roommate who did not wantto move it when she moved, or you may have gotten it from a friend,neighbor, or family member who no longer wanted the fish tank.
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If you decide to go with a fish aquarium as your habitat setup, it will cost more money. There are ways to save money in different ways for turtle tank setups. A person can make a homemade cage and save money but it might not be as nice. Pond liners are cheaper than aquariums as well and make for great cages for turtles. A lot of people prefer aquariums though because you can watch your turtles from the sides with the human eye and also keep them in a bedroom if you desire. If you catch Petco at certain times, they have a $1 per 1 gallon of water for aquariums SALE. So you could get a 40 gallon breeder tank for $40 which is super cheap. You can also buy aquariums used for a lot less money and this is a very popular route to go too. *P.S. I also own other reptiles like snakes, geckos, frogs, and more. I gave my turtle the name of Hercules after seeing the thread on turtle . Here is a good website for finding geckos for sale and how to find descent quality ones. Reptiles are a big deal when it comes to buying quality species. Aquatic Paradise Used Aquarium Sales
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Do not purchase a tank that was built for and intended to be used as a terrarium thinking you can use it as an aquarium. Those tanks are typically made of much thinner glass than an aquarium tank. The thinner glass and/or seams will break or leak under the prolonged pressure of being filled with water. You will have to keep in mind that I am only referring to buying a used glass aquarium which excludes: filters, lights, substrate and any other equipment that may be included with the sale of a used aquarium. The below is based on my experiences. I have never owned an acrylic or plywood aquarium so I cannot offer much advice on any of those two types of aquariums. I would also never recommend buying a used aquarium without first evaluating the condition of the aquarium in person using the guidelines listed below.Shop for new and used aquariums for sale on Gumtree. Browse marine aquariums, large fish tanks, fish tank filters, turtle tanks & tropical fish tanks.A lot of times (most of the time in for me at least) the used tank you are looking at buying has already been taken down and is sitting empty in a garage, basement, or in a driveway at a garage sale. This can be a little more challenging to determine the exact condition of the aquarium, but not impossible when you know at least some of the signs to look for. Those would include: