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As for a UV sterilizer depleting needed nutrients and killing off beneficial crustaceans, all of that really depends on how your UV unit is plumbed in with your aquarium. If you are using a refugium and want to be certain that all of the amphipods and copepods that spill out into the aquarium are not killed, then be sure your UV is on its own pump and not returning water to the aquarium using the same line as the refugium. Whenever you dose your aquarium with certain products, turn off the UV sterilizer for eight to 24 hours to make certain the products are given time to work. Ultraviolet light not only kills bacteria and algae but it can also break up chemical compounds rendering them useless.
Ultraviolet Sterilizers for Saltwater Aquariums
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Aqua Ultraviolet, founded in 1975, is a popular manufacturer of ultraviolet sterilizers and bio-mechanical filtration. All Aqua Ultraviolet (also referred to as Aqua UV) products are created, tested and manufactured in their Temecula, CA headquarters. By creating all of their products in-house, Aqua Ultraviolet can perform thorough quality control and even engineer custom designs for special orders. The customer-centric company has a toll-free number with a friendly support staff willing to help you choose the right products and walk you through the installation process. Aqua Ultraviolet’s UV sterilizers are popular among freshwater and saltwater aquarium hobbyists in addition to pond and water gardeners. Ultraviolet Sterilizers | Coralife Marine & Freshwater Aquarium Supplies
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The aquarium UV Sterilizer is a water filtration device that uses an ultraviolet light bulb to kill microscopic organisms that are free floating in the water. Parasites, viruses, algae and bacteria (good and bad) are the type of things that are "killed" after passing through the ultraviolet sterilizing unit. UV sterilizer devices can be used on swimming pools, in liquid factories (think beer) and in the home aquarium using an aquarium UV sterilizer. Some large water purification centers employ some sort of UV sterilization on the outgoing water. These sterilizer units are also sometimes used in outdoor ponds to help control algae growth and they seem to do a decent job.Aqua Ultraviolet’s UV Sterilizers have been used by public aquariums, importers and hobbyists alike to control bacteria, protozoa and parasites, reducing the spread of fish disease. In a confined environment like an aquarium UV and filtration are essential. The primary benefits UV sterilization provides, however, are disease reduction and the reduction of nuisance algae. Ultraviolet radiation can be very effective in reducing free-floating algae, bacteria and microbes in general, certain parasites while in the free-swimming stages of development, and other suspended microscopic organisms (Fenner, 2003a). Seahorses are prone to a number of serious bacterial problems such as Vibriosis, and a properly installed and maintained UV sterilizer can be invaluable in reducing the incidence and spread of such infections. When properly used, UV sterilization can reduce microbial levels in the aquarium to the low levels normally found in the wild or below (Fenner, 2003a).Aqua Ultraviolet manufactures UV sterilizers for medical facilities, pharmaceutical production, municipal reclaimed water, aquaculture and drinking water. We also produce a full range of units for residential and commercial aquariums, swimming pools and ponds. As an innovator in the industry our designs result in a maximized UV dosage allowing for equipment with a smaller footprint that efficiently treat higher flow rates.