Bubbles & Bettas: Tail Types and Patterns

Domesticated male betta fish come in a variety of colors and fin types
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Types of Betta Fish – Betta Coccina
Betta Coccina came from Sumatra and is one of the smallest types of Betta fish. They are generally red or brown and will sometimes display a spot on their back. The coolest feature of the Betta Coccina is their bright blue eyes. Their bodies are thinner in size, and males and females are almost the same in height and size.
There are many different breeds, tail types and patterns of Bettas
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Types of Betta Fish – Betta Picta
Betta Picta is the least aggresive type of Betta fish, and is the easiest . They also aren’t as colorful as their Betta cousins, and are therefore also not very popular in pet stores. With this type of Betta fish, the female Bettas sometimes fight over the males so it’s best to keep them separated if you see this happening. Veil Tails are easily found in pretty much any fish shop
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Photo provided by FlickrA turquoise HM males, A variant of the green, with a distinct blue hue
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The Siamese Fighting Fish originated in Thailand and Indonesia, where it lives in swamps and rice paddies. The original betta doesn't have the long, colourful, flowing fins and thin long body of the fancy type, but instead has a short, stocky body with fins like a female betta, with red, green and blue being the predominant colours. The wild types are more aggressive and have more muscle than that of the fancy type.One special type of Betta fish is called the Plakat. These are specifically bred to fight. These types of Betta fish are readily identifiable by their notably short fins, but females also have short fins, so it can be easy to misidentify the type. If you are uncertain, speak with an expert to determine whether or not you have the special Plakat breed. This fin variety most closely resembles wild betta splendens, as long tails and the subsequent tail types were all selectively bred by human intervention. These fish are often mistaken for female bettas, who generally have shorter fins, but this is an entirely different variety of betta. Males can be distinguished by females by their longer ventral fins, more pointed/angled anal fin, and slightly different body shape. While some freshwater fish are quite content to live in harmonious bliss with other fish of varying types, Betta fish tend to be less than compatible in group settings. Betta fish are known as Siamese fighting fish, and males will fight if kept with other male Bettas—or sometimes even other types of fish that resemble Bettas. Female Bettas are less aggressive and can usually live in a community aquarium, but they, too can exhibit aggressive tendencies, and must be closely monitored in case they begin to pick on the other members of their aquarium.The elaborate fins are also a trait of the betta fish. Male betta fish have long and flowy fins, while females often have shorter fins. There are seven different varieties of fin types in betta, the most common being veiltail, followed closely by crowntail. These two varieties are usually found in most pet stores.Types of Betta Fish – Betta Bellica
Betta Bellica originally came from Malaysia and are different in appearance from the Japanese fighting fish. They have shorter fins with a heart shaped back fin. They are easily the largest and thickest of all the Betta fish. In the wild, Betta Bellica rest on leaves outside of the water. When eating, you will sometimes see the Betta Bellica jump out of the water for food (a cool ). The male is much larger and more colorful than the female.