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Types Of Betta Fish | ... betta fish one color, which also means the body and fins have the same
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The beautiful Betta splendens pet and show fish we see today were originally selectively bred out of the wild types of Betta imbellis, Betta mahachaiensis, Betta samaragdina, and the original Betta splendens. In the wild, the Splendens group can be found all through the areas of Malay Peninsula and across the Strait of Malacca to adjacent parts of Sumatra, though this could be because of human introductions to Sumantra. See for other types of bettas.
breeders and hobbyists classify the types of betta fish based on sightings of shape and color.
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Types of Betta Fish Tails
Besides the various colors of Betta fish, there are also numerous types of Betta fish tails. The most common (and least expensive if shopping for a Betta) is the Veil tail. On the other end of the spectrum, the halfmoon Betta is the goal many breeders work towards. The halfmoon Betta’s tail fin spreads out into a full 180 degree semi-circle, and is stunning to look at. Other tail types are the delta tail and super delta tail, the fan or round tail, spade or pin tail, double tail, comb tail, and crown tail. types of betta fish - - Yahoo Image Search Results
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Photo provided by FlickrTo help you decide which one to choose, let’s look at the most common types of Betta fish.
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The Betta genus includes more than 100 different species. The similarities amongst these species include small size, colorful bodies and ray-shaped fins. All of the types of Betta fish can be placed in one of two groups, based on their breeding habits: Betta Pictas (mouth brooders) and Betta Splendens (bubble nest builders).The beautiful fins of the Halfmoon Betta make it one of the most popular and valuable types of Betta fish. Atrue Halfmoon Betta (fins completely extending all 180 degrees) are fairly rare and as a result these fish can bequite expensive.Betta Splendens are the types of Betta fish sold in pet stores. While there are seven distinct breeds of BettaSplendens, breeders have been playing with this group of fish for more than 200 years, making many of these typesof Betta fish hard to classify. With all the different combinations of Betta breeding, its no wonder the genus nowincludes more than 100 different species!Due to the length of this Betta's tail, it can be easily damaged. Be sure not to put any sharp decorations inits tank and use soft plants. While it is one of the most attractive types of Betta fish, it is also one of themost fragile. These Bettas have short tails, resembling a small semi-circle emanating from the tail base rather than wrappingaround the Betta’s body. These Bettas tend to be more active, can swim faster and have strong immune systems. Dueto their strength, these types of Betta fish are unfortunately often subjected to fish fighting.Betta fish are well known for their beautiful tails but do you know all the different betta fish tail types out there? Do you know what type of tail your betta fish has? This infographic shows them all.There’s a reason people of all types love bettas. Sometimes called Siamese fighting fish, these feisty fish pack a lot of personality into a very small package and make great pets for almost every living situation. You’ll find them right at home on a desk at the office, enhancing the look of a livin...The Siamese Fighting Fish originated in Thailand and Indonesia, where it lives in swamps and rice paddies. The original betta doesn't have the long, colourful, flowing fins and thin long body of the fancy type, but instead has a short, stocky body with fins like a female betta, with red, green and blue being the predominant colours. The wild types are more aggressive and have more muscle than that of the fancy type.