Aquarium Happenings for Sea Turtles Behind-The-Scenes

Two excellent choices for turtle tanks are an internal aquarium filter or a canister filter
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Walk around Nungwi and enjoy the beach, while you get closer to the lighthouse at the end of it don´t miss visiting the aquarium, it is encouraging to see the efforts being displayed to help turtles that have been caught in fishing nets or have...
Newport Aquarium biologist, Jen Hazeres, with loggerhead sea turtle, Shack, before he enters his new, bigger tank. Shack now weighs 2.5 pounds.
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The Texas State Aquarium is an official home for rehabilitated sea turtles. We provide care for sea turtles that cannot be released. Our education programs help you discover ways to make the oceans safer for all marine life. Aquariums for Aquatic Turtles:
Photo provided by FlickrMost aquatic turtle keepers who keep their turtles indoors use aquarium tanks designed for fish
Photo provided by FlickrAquarium Provides Care for Cold-Stunned Sea Turtles
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*Note: Buying pre-formed ponds is a great way to save a lot of money. This one we listed is 86 gallons of water! That’s pretty large which is great for a couple of turtles. These are cheaper than fish aquariums. The only downside is finding a spot for the pond liner.Turtles need enough room to grow so make sure your tank is large enough. A lot of freshwater species of turtles can grow to 12″ long. The 20 and 30 gallon aquarium sizes are going to be a bare minimum of what you can use for housing turtles. We get a lot of emails asking if 5 gallon aquariums work for turtles. The answer is a NO because they are too small.Your turtle will live in water and that water will get very dirty. This is where a fish aquarium filter comes in to save you. Instead of having to change that water all the time, you use the filter to do the dirty work for you. Turtles are dirty pets so the bigger the filter the better. Warning- these can sometimes be expensive.. but save a lot of time down the road and help keep your water clean.When choosing what rocks to use, make sure your turtle cannot consume the rocks. The larger the rocks the better. Not that your turtle is for surely going to eat them… it’s just a safe precaution to take when setting up your tank. When turtles are younger, they may snap at prey between rocks and accidentally catch a rock in their mouth. Rinse your rocks before putting them in your aquarium very well. Just to make sure all debris and bacteria is removed.Empty the tank you plan on using for your turtle tank. Do not use any chemicals when it comes to washing the tank. Pure water is the only think you want to use. Buy aquarium safe sponges from pet stores to wash out your aquarium. Scotch brite pads and similar abrasive like pads scratch glass and then in those cracks like crazy. Just rinse and rub with pure water. Keeping it as simple as possible eliminates unwanted additives to your tank.The question comes up all the time if turtles need filters for their water. I highly advise using a filter just because the cleaner water gives your turtle a more healthy habitat to thrive in. Dirty waters can kill any aquarium species very fast. When buying a filter, always buy around 3-4 times the amount of water volume your aquarium actually is. Example, if your tank is 20 gallons .. You should buy a filter designed for 40 gallons. This will make your water more clean and save you hours of time cleaning the water by hand in your fish aquarium.