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Plecos are largely herbivorous, feed upon greens, vegetables, decaying plant matter; but in any event no catfish will keep water quality under control; ammonia and urates released with the feces quickly foul the water. Also, maps and sliders will attack any fish in the tank, even those to large to be consumed in one siting…outside of a large, planted pool, it’s very difficult to house fish with turtles. best, frank
I am starting this to clear up questions on what fish can live in the tank with turtles
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Research what your species of turtle feeds on in natural habitat and then resemble that for your cage. It’s important that you force your turtle to eat actual food designed for them because it is full of vitamins they need. It is the with other treats and such. Try to also research nutrition to help make sure your reptile has proper health. General pet stores and even walmart sell turtle food that is getting better everyday. They have dried up worms that work descent but I suggest looking into some more natural foods. Live fish can’t be beat and it’s really not that hard to do. Most turtle owners keep live fish in their tank because they survive just fine. You will find that most turtles love live fish and having that natural protein available really benefits your turtle. I Have A 20 Gallon Long Turtle Tank With Two Goldfish And Tw..
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Photo provided by FlickrRed ear sliders will try to eat most fish kept with them. In a large habitat, fish like koi may survive with red ear sliders, though the turtles may nip their fins. Very small, agile fish like guppies may be able to survive with turtles, though they may overpopulate the tank.
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Can I mix a turtle with other pet fish and have both in the same tank? I have a and was wondering if he would eat the fish it it came down to it..?
If you decide to go with a fish aquarium as your habitat setup, it will cost more money. There are ways to save money in different ways for turtle tank setups. A person can make a homemade cage and save money but it might not be as nice. Pond liners are cheaper than aquariums as well and make for great cages for turtles. A lot of people prefer aquariums though because you can watch your turtles from the sides with the human eye and also keep them in a bedroom if you desire. If you catch Petco at certain times, they have a $1 per 1 gallon of water for aquariums SALE. So you could get a 40 gallon breeder tank for $40 which is super cheap. You can also buy aquariums used for a lot less money and this is a very popular route to go too. *P.S. I also own other reptiles like snakes, geckos, frogs, and more. I gave my turtle the name of Hercules after seeing the thread on turtle . Here is a good website for finding geckos for sale and how to find descent quality ones. Reptiles are a big deal when it comes to buying quality species.
With the right tank setup, this can easily be done. Just remember that your beautiful pet fish could easily become dinner or breakfast for a turtle. All scenarios are different but this setup can work out awesome and I’ve seen it many times. There is no reason why fish can’t survive in your tank setup. It is a good idea to have a couple of fish filters going and that will benefit your water clarity for the turtles and fish at the same time. Maybe look into getting a feeder fish that is still cool to look at but very nutritional for your turtles. Some people will argue this is immoral but .. it’s a way of life. It would happen in natural habitat so.. I don’t see a problem.55 Gallon Turtle Tank Setup with Cichlids and Feeder Fish
Zoomed Floating Turtle Log

Tank Residents:

2 Red Eared Sliders
Peninsula Cooter
Southern Painted Turtle
2 Tiger Oscars
Plenty of Rosy Red Minnows & Goldfish