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May 1, 2017 - Cut Down Your Expenses and Maximize the Fun With Tulsa Aquarium Coupons
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This is the ultimate place for get the maximum fun at a discount. Tulsa Aquarium Coupons are your answer to maximum adventure at the Tulsa Aquarium and at the same time saving some money to visit other places or spend on other fun things.
Tulsa Zoo Aquarium Discount Coupons | Oklahoma Aquariums.
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is the theme of the 2015 Children’s Summer Reading Program. Beginning May 26 through August 1, children may sign up online to participate in the program. Children may read or listen to eight books to earn a medal and a book of coupons for free entertainment and food. Coupons include admission to Oklahoma Aquarium, Tulsa Zoo and Tulsa Drillers game, as well as Chicken McNuggets from McDonald’s, an original glazed doughnut from Krispy Kreme and much more. If they read 12 or more books, they will earn a bonus prize – a superhero duck toy. Tulsa Zoo Aquarium Coupons.
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