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We love aquairum tanks and we made a video about all freshwater aquairum fish species. Time of this video 39;09. You will see all freshwater fish species in this video.

Species of freswater aquairum fish:
1 American Cichlids (Cichlasomas, acaras,angelfish, discuses
and others)
2 Barbs
3 Catfish
4 Cold-Water Cyprinids
5 Other Cyprinids
6 Danios And Other Danionins
7 Darters:
8 Dwarf Cichlids (Apistogrammas, rams and others)
9 Gar
10 Gobies
11 Hatchetfish
12 Headstanders
13 Killifish
14 Labyrinth fish
15 Lake Malawi Cichlids
16 Lake Tanganyika Cichlids
17 Live-Bearers
18 Loaches And Related Cypriniformes
19 Miscellaneous African Cichlids (Non-Rift Lake)

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Most fish that are sold as tropical fish are freshwater species. Most species available are generally bred from fish farms in the far east and Florida where tropical temperatures make the commercial production more viable. of tropical fish from farms has led to many inexpensive fish available to aquarists. Tropical freshwater fish are the most popular group of fish because of the low price and ease of keeping in aquaria. Some species are difficult to breed in captivity and so are still sourced from the wild. These species are generally more expensive. Among the bred-in-captivity species, the most expensive species are and . Some male flowerhorns are sterile due to many cross breedings. pics of tropical fish | Freshwater Fish For Aquarium - Fresh & Saltwater Fish
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After the first World War when electrification became widespread, private aquarium ownership blossomed. Innovations such as air pumps, silicone sealant, and acrylic aquariums boosted the hobby, while air freight introduced previously unknown tropical species to the masses. By the early 2000s, some 10 million households in the United States owned an aquarium. In 2006, a survey concluded that Americans kept near 150 million freshwater and saltwater fish.FishLore provides aquarium fish tank information for tropical fish hobbyists, covering both freshwater and saltwater aquariums. We present aquarium fish tank information in an easy to understand way so that more can enjoy our wonderful hobby! Consider joining us on the forum where you will find people that like to talk about fish tanks as much as you!
Gives information on how to increase your chances of success in keeping tropical fish when you have a small bowl or aquarium. This article was mainly written for freshwater fish hobbyists.All of our fish are spawned and raised by us at our tropical fish hatchery in Florida since 1991. We are the premier breeder of oddball freshwater tropical fish supplying the retail industry.
The goal of Fish Lore is to present accurate saltwater fish, tropical freshwater fish and aquarium fish information in a way that every fish keeper can understand. If you feel some of the aquarium fish information on Fish Lore should be updated or changed, please let us know! See you on the forum!
A description of the important cycle that must take place in any freshwater tropical fish aquarium. If you have a freshwater fish tank that is recently setup and your fish are dropping like flies, please read this article.