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New Tropical Freshwater Aquarium Plants Anubias Barteri var. Nana Petite
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A description of the important cycle that must take place in any freshwater tropical fish aquarium. If you have a freshwater fish tank that is recently setup and your fish are dropping like flies, please read this article.
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All these choices highlight the need for aquarists to dotheir research before spending their money. Supplementing an oldaquarium book picked up at the junk shop with one explaining the stateof the art should dispel any uncertainty over the usefulness of saltand carbon in the freshwater aquarium, and investing in books aboutaquarium plants and fish will help the shopper identify the stock onsale at your local tropical fish shop. Whether you end up stuck with ametre-long catfish or simply a tank load of rotting plants, problemscan be avoided by making sure you know exactly what you're buyingbefore handing over any money. There is a bigger question why so manyaquarium shops continue to sell things largely or entirely unsuitableto aquarium life (non-aquatic plants for example) and the answer isprobably partly that demand for them exists from novice fishkeepers andpartly that the retailers don't know any better. All you can do isdo your research and spend your money wisely. Manage your freshwater aquarium, tropical fishes and plants: Acuavida Aquascaping Contest 2010 Results
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Freshwater aquariums usually include plants. Most tropical fish come from river and lake environments where plants are plentiful, so it only makes sense. Whether live or artificial, plants offer a place for fish to hide and feel secure. They’ll also make your fish tank look much nicer, and can create a realistic natural habitat for the inhabitants of your aquarium.