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Choosing the type of substrate you use should outweigh the color choice. Also, color choice can matter to some types of tropical fish. Some prefer darker substrate and some prefer it to be lighter. Research your choice of tropical fish and find out what they like. A nice looking aquarium is much more interesting when your little wet friends are happy.

to clean a tropical fish tank  Maintaining A Sand Substrate In Your Aquarium!
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Another great part about this substrate is that it is light, non-compacting, and porous. This makes it easy for nitrifying bacteria to grow, bacteria which help to keep the water quality at optimal levels. This stuff ideal for tropical fish, shrimp, and of course plants too, not to mention that it provides a good hiding place for young shrimp to grow up in. Aquarium Substrate - Tropical Fish Friends
Photo provided by FlickrLearn about aquarium substrate and how it benefits your tropical fish.
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The substrate in your tropical fish aquarium should be one to three inches thick. Aquariums with live plants will need thicker substrate for anchoring purposes. Here is a simple formula for the amount of substrate you will want to buy.And that’s basically how to choose and clean your aquarium substrate. Keep these tips in mind and you will keep your tropical fish happy and healthy.