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Oscar Fish Advice Forum: Toys for Oscars?? (1/1)
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The original collection was small, but perfectly formed, and consisted of some wooden blocks and the soft toys Wanda and Oscar, two beautifully crafted monochrome fish. Since then they have extended their wooden range to include puzzles, rolling animals, vintage style vehicles, dominoes & a memory game – the collection is called “New in Wood”. These are not your boring standard kids toys, everything is beautiful (!) and the wooden items are nontoxic & completely eco-friendly, what more could you want?
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A single Oscar requires a minimum of 55 to 75 gallons to grow up healthy. The worst thing that can happen to these is to be kept in a that is too small. If you want to keep a pair, then you'll need a tank over 75 gallons. The tank should be wide rather than tall, with a minimum width of 18", otherwise your Oscar will not have enough room to turn around. should be fine , similar to what you would find in their natural habitat. Oscars are diggers, so make sure that the gravel is rounded, otherwise you run the risk of them injuring their mouths during one of their mammoth excavation sessions. Live plants do not tend to last very long in an Oscar tank, as they soon come to be considered toys. Even will be dug up and thrown around the tank, so if they are used, you should make sure they are well secured. of some kind are also necessary, and one cave should be provided for each Oscar in the tank. This will allow each fish to have its own "space" to retreat to and feel secure in. are good for this, as is PVC pipe and rock formations that have been well siliconed together. Anything that is added to an Oscar tank should be tested for sturdiness. Oscars are destructive fish, especially after they reach maturity at around 9 to 10" and about 2 years of age. It has been said by a lot of people that Oscars are not appreciative of bright lights, so this should be taken into account when setting up tank .

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Photo provided by FlickrOscar Fish Toys? - Oscar Fish Advice Forum - Oscar Fish Care
Photo provided by FlickrOscar Fish Advice Forum: Oscar Fish Toys
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Decor for an Oscar tank should be kept at a minimum. A few rocks and maybe a piece of bogwood should be more than sufficient. A pair of Oscars will also need a couple of large flat stones on which to lay their eggs. A piece of slate is best. Make sure that these are at least 8" x 10" as Oscars produce an enormous number of eggs. Heaters should be either protected by a heater guard or hidden where the fish cannot get to them. It is not unknown for Oscars to attack aquarium equipment, particularly heaterstats. I don't really think the species have anything against heaters generally but most of these are reflective and I think that the fish is attacking its own reflection in the mistaken belief that it is another fish. Plants are best avoided; Oscars will treat them as expensive toys and constantly rip them up.Oscars also love playing with toys and while playing, they love to dig up plants, place tank decorative things from one place to another. They have aggressive temperament and they are a threat to peaceful fish who are slow swimmers and slow eaters. They also prove to be threat for shrimps, snails and crabs.One last thing that needs to be add to any Oscar tank is something for the fishes to play with. Oscars just love toys; a ping-pong ball floated on the surface will provide the fish, and you, with many hours of enjoyment.

Buying Oscars
When it comes to buying the fish, think very carefully about which color morph you really want. The classic Tiger Oscars will lose a lot of their tiger pattern as they grow. Red or even partial albino tiger Oscars are available. You're going to be looking at these fish for a long time so make sure that you get the colour morph you really like.I am wanting to get an Oscar for my 30 gallon tank. I have read the New Oscar Owner Packet and quite a few threads on the forum. I understand that these fish get big. I also understand that there are different types of pet owners. Take dogs for example. Some people are happy to get a dog whether is be Lab/chow size or Jack Russell size and tie it to a tree in the back yard throwing food at twice a day and consider themselves good dog owners. Then there's the type like me. I spoil mine dog to death. She's a 13 month old common wire haired mutt who's intelligent but has the all too common terrier tenacity. 3 days a week to dog day care for her exercise, food that contains no animal by-product, toys galore and a least one walk a day of a mile or more. Yeah, spoiled rotten. That being said, I find it hard to believe that I can't (from reading this site, down right fear full) put an Oscar (or Green Terror, I'm torn truth be told) in a 30 gallon tank. Is this the high end of the fish lover spectrum telling me that my 30 gallon tank should be filled with some smaller type of cichlid? I am diligent about hydro cleaning the tank every weekend doing a 20% water cycle. PH and temps are rock solid. The tetra's I had for over 4 years and were only lost due to the ice storm here in the South back in December. 5 days with no electricity. I consider myself a good owner and take care of my fish.