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Michelle Ridder (center) touches Bravo the shell of Galapagos tortoise while Newport Aquarium exhibits staffers Kevin Sommerkamp (left) and Will Gosnell (right) assist.
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Thanks for your interest. Gravid females dig in an attempt to find a suitable nest site; males try to wander when hormones signal that it is breeding season; low temperatures or overly dry conditions can also be involved. As temperatures rise, tortoises may become restless and dig/pace in order to find more space to move about, forage. A 75 gallon aq is on the small side, despite appearing large in relation to the tortoise…they need a great deal of space, or perhaps out-of-cage time in a safe room, etc. Please also see cautions concerning ventilation, temperature problems in aquariums. Please write in with more details re temperature, diet and so on and perhaps I can provide more specific advice. Tortoise in an Aquarium - YouTube
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Bravo, the famous 650-pound the Galapagos tortoise, isn’t the only species leaving Newport Aquarium March 1. Say goodbye to the Spider tortoise and Egyptian tortoise too! These tortoises may not weigh as much as Bravo, but they have their own unique characteristics that make them just as cool!An aquarium might seem like the perfect enclosure for your Russian tortoise. It can keep him out of trouble when you're not there to supervise him and it can hold all of his essentials, like a water dish, substrate and dark, cozy hiding places. But aquariums come with a host of dangers for Russian tortoises, from air flow problems to the glass walls that keep him closed in.Aquarium staff took notice of her interest in the massive tortoise and decided to give her a once-in-a-lifetime experience to thank her for her dedication and loyalty to Newport Aquarium.In addition to Bravo, several other unique species of tortoise will be leaving Newport Aquarium once Turtle Canyon closes, including the Egyptian tortoise, the smallest tortoise species in the Northern Hemisphere.Aquariums might be big and beautiful, but those thick and tall glass walls don't provide a lot of airflow for your tortoise. When your shelled friend urinates, ammonia builds up within the tank. Proper airflow can reduce the stench of ammonia, but in a tank the smell can become overwhelming in quick order. The abundance of ammonia not only makes for a smelly room, it can also irritate your tortoise. Spot cleaning daily helps lessen the stench, but it's inevitable that an aquarium will lead to smellier conditions than other enclosures.The simplest alternative to a glass aquarium will not only make your Russian tortoise happy and healthy, it will keep your wallet a bit heavier. A 50-gallon or larger plastic storage tote makes for a safe enclosure that affords your tortoise the benefits of space and good air circulation. Glass terrariums are a big no-no, since they cause the same trouble as aquariums. If you're a do-it-yourselfer, wooden enclosures or a combination of wood and wire mesh enclosures are good options. If you build the enclosure yourself, opt for a minimum width of 2 feet, a minimum length of 4 feet and a height of 1 to 2 feet.