Aquarium Hoods & Canopies: Aqueon Versa-Tops

Here is our top pick that we consider to be one of the best aquarium sumps.
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Add a little life to your little space with the perfect little underwater world. You will not find a better selection of Nano (small) aquariums anywhere. We have the right size, shape and style for your place and your budget. At Aquarium Adventure you will find the ideal small aquarium for a desk top, counter top, bookcase or niche….here is just a sampling of our incredible selection. Many more styles are available at our Columbus location.
The Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward is one spot away from being named one of the top 10 aquariums in the country.
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The Hydro aquarium heater is a small fish tank heater that works great for small, desktop aquariums. It safely regulates the water temperature to ensure the perfect heat environment for your fish to thrive. It is completely submersible, making it easy to conceal it in your miniature fish tank that has a capacity of 2-5 gallon tanks. Here are the top substrates on the market today. Compare prices on the brand and type of sand that is best for your saltwater aquarium.
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Photo provided by FlickrStep 1: Measure the inside lip of the aquarium frame, or rimless tank to get the dimensions for your new top.
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There are few physical reminders of the (or its successor – ) around the base of the Cliff Bridge. Gone are the underground palatial arches and the overground entrance – the sunken wonderland is now an undergound car park, bearing little resemblance to its former self. However, the area itself is still known locally as Aquarium Top, and the current conversion of the St. Nicholas Cliff Lift (, apparently) pays homage to this Victorian namesake.So wherever you're planning a field trip for your students, a family getaway or just looking to enjoy a few hours on a business trip, visiting one of these top US aquariums is sure to please. From the largest aquarium in US, to aquariums in the northeast and east coast aquariums, do you have a favorite aquarium? Add it to our list or vote it up using the buttons below. You can also make your own list of the best US aquariums by clicking the re-rank buttons below too! For other travel tips, check out the and the as well. Happy travels!For those who have visited several of these best US aquariums, many will tell you that they are all great but a few stand out from the rest. The Audubon Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans, Louisiana, the Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey, California, and the Shedd Aquarium in downtown Chicago, Illinois, are frequent favorites as the best aquariums in America. The largest aquariums in the US are lots of fun, but even some smaller USA aquariums are among the top rated as well.Get lost in halls of wondrous fishes and exotic marine mammals with a trip to the nation’s top aquariums. Millions of visitors flock to America’s best aquariums each year to be swept under the tides of various salt and freshwater scenes with the most unique and intriguing marine life found in the world. Some of the top aquariums in the US display an assortment of species that live anywhere from the cold rushing river waters to the flourishing coral reefs found along tropical shores. Check out the best aquariums in the US to see what lives beneath the surfaces of the world’s lakes, streams and seas.However, whilst the Queen’s Parade (1878) and Central (1880) lines opened soon after, it wasn’t until 1929, shortly after the aquarium was renamed , that the St. Nicholas line opened. Its boarding point at the base of the cliff was (and still is) referred to as the Aquarium Top, and passengers initially boarded the tram directly – there was no station and all mechanics were controlled from the top of the cliff. A station was later added however, and whilst the line closed in 2006, it is now being transformed into an aptly named Aquarium Top . A touching reminder of the former aquarium’s existence.8. , Monterey, CA
Just minutes from Pebble Beach, Monterey Bay Aquarium rests along the Pacific coast. This aquarium is among America’s favorite aquariums for its impressive collections and playful marine mammals. You get the chance to see sea otters, giant octopi and one of the most diverse and largest collections of seahorse species around. The aquarium offers daily activities and underwater shows—so check the website before you go! General admission at Monterey Bay Aquarium costs $39.95 for adults, $34.95 for seniors and students, and $24.95 for children.