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He had a fish tank with a teeny sunken Titanic at the bottom. I fangirled. I *loved* that book.
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Hi, glad I found this post. I was wondering if this item is fish tank safe: It is “cold cast resin” and I heard it has some metal in it (not sure). I have a Titanic themed tank with fancy goldfish and I think this would be PERFECT! But I want it to be safe. Any thoughts? Thanks!
TITANIC FORUM - A fish tank lay out
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Free shipping and %5 off on this item: This Sunken Cruise Ship Aquarium Ornament has gone by the way of the Titanic, have an every day view of yours with this vivid detail ornament. Made of resin is safe in your fish tank, and also from probing curious life in your aquarium., Lego titanic in a fish tank! - YouTube
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Photo provided by FlickrGreat but Cheap Titanic for Fish Tank, Cheap as well as Cheap and more
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I always liked the Titanic and do think it was a horrible tragedy. I wanted a replica of some sort, this is for a fish tank........which would be cool............On the other hand, Finding Nemo’s anti-tank agenda did provoke a few ecologically-minded viewers to set their aquatic captives free. Unfortunately, not everyone took the necessary steps to ensure that their newly liberated pet fish were being transported to amenable waters. Certain marine communities suffered from the of predatory and venomous species in unnatural locales, resulting in, once again, ecological imbalance. Jon finds a bootleg Famicom game about Titanic: The Movie! Jon discusses how successful the movie was, and is confused as to how this Chinese bootleg came into existence. Who was this game marketed to? This game came out after the Nintendo 64 was released! No one would buy that! Jon puts the cartridge into his Famicom and puts it into a fish tank and watches it sink!