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This is my little tetra glofish 3 gallon tank. hope you guys like it :)
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Short snapshot of my happy Glofish in a 5 gallon tank. They're tetras born with an added jellyfish gene, allowing them to safely glow under blue light.

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I Had 2 Tetra Glofish In A 1.5 Gallon Tank
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20 gallon high glofish tetra tank. One angelfish in there temporarily. Going to be moving him to a 36 gallon planted bowfront in a few weeks. This was my first attempt at decorating a tank. Lol I had 2 tetra glofish in a 1.5 gallon tank
Photo provided by FlickrTetra GLOFISH Tank 1.5G - Square
Photo provided by FlickrI set up a 10gallon tank at work with 6 glofish tetras
Photo provided by Flickr
If you are looking for glofish for sale they are kind of expensive for freshwater fish. A popular online live fish store has a price of $20 for a 3 pack or $35 for a 6 pack of glofish tetras. There is even a glofish tank kit setup you can get that comes with a voucher for fish that can be mailed to you.Since the Tetra Glofish 20 gallon aquarium kit does not come with gravel, you have to be sure that the gravel that you get will be the complement for your Glofish, or you can do something that plays a trick on the eye. Colorful fluorescent aquarium gravels are the best choice for any Glofish tanks.The main tank of the Tetra Glofish aquarium kit is a 20 gallon glass tank, 20-gallon is the tank size recommended for starter hobbyists because it is large enough to keep some freshwater fish happy and healthy in the tank. Besides, the kit comes with the Tetra Whisper 20 power filter to filter the water and make it clean and safe for fish.Now, I’ve got some reservations about the kit that don’t really have anything to do with the product itself, and I’m going to go ahead and get those out of the way. First, no current species of GloFish comes anywhere close to being appropriate for a 3-gallon tank. The ones pictured on the box are genetically-engineered zebra danios, and having kept them in the past, I can vouch for the fact that they need at least 20 gallons of swimming room… bare minimum. The GloFish skirt tetras aren’t suitable for a tank this small, either.2/18/17 Update - I've created a blog with answers to a lot of the common questions I get about how to set up your own GloTank. Hopefully this helps!:
10/15/13 Update - Latest state of my GloTank can be found here! Tweaked the stock levels a bit and added a pretty awesome refugium system to support a higher bio load:
Mostly finished setup of my new 20 gallon long GloFish tank!

Current stock:
11 GloFish Danios
4 African Dwarf Frogs
6 Long Fin White Cloud Minnows
6 Neon Tetras
1 Honeycomb Catfish
2 Zebra Otos
2 Nerite Snails (1 Zebra, 1 Red Spot)

Current lighting is an actinic bulb in the default tank fixture along with a 21" Hidden LED that has the option of swapping between daylight LEDs for my few real plants with moonlight accents or full actinic mode for night time. Makes for a really nifty effect!

In case there's any wondering what the heck is going on in the background, that's my husband playing Aliens: Colonial Marines with his friends ;)