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You should be able to feed flakes or small, slow sinking granule foods. Don't do larger pellets of any sort. I haven't tried Tetra's crisps, but I think they are more suited to larger fish.
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TetraColor is a natural color-enhancing food is a wonderful supplement to the diet of any tropical fish. TetraColor® Tropical Flakes promote beautiful color in all tropical fish and can be fed daily, alternating with Spirulina foods and treats. Enhanced with vitamin C and the patented health enhancing ProCare from TetraMin®. Shop Tetra for a wide variety of specialized cichlid fish foods!
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Pet World is proud to offer a complete selection of Tetra fish foods. For 65 years Tetra has been the leading fish food used by aquarium hobbyists throughout the world. Tetra was founded in 1950 in Germany by a young scientist, Dr. Ulrich Baensch. At the time tropical fish keeping was a challenge as live food had to be collected from streams and rivers to feed the fish. Dr. Baensch created the first dried flake food, Tetramin. This pioneering food was composed of 4 different kinds of flakes and vitamins. The brand name Tetramin comes from the Greek word Tetra (meaning four) and the third syllable of the word vitamin.Tetra fish have hearty appetites and will eat most freeze-dried and flaked food as their staple diet. But as carnivores, they require some meat in their diet as well. Try frozen or freeze-dried bloodworms, tubifex worms, and brine shrimp.This glowlight Tetra will accept smaller fish food including flakes, frozen, freeze dried and live foods (crickets and worms). They may also eat smaller top dwelling fish.TetraMin Tropical Fish Food Granules: These small, slow-sinking granules are designed to reach the smaller fish in your community aquarium with the same nutritious benefits as TetraMin® flakes. TetraMin® Granules are enriched with vitamin C. Also great for Bettas.TetraMin Tropical Crisps: Super premium Crisps food technology provides maximum nutrition — healthy, easily digestible protein, vitamins, and carbohydrates that bring out the best appearance in your fish. This unique food innovation offers unparalleled benefits in terms of reduced waste, improved tank clarity, feeding convenience, and fish appearance and acceptance.Both guppies and the many species of tetra are popular aquarium fish. Many tetras have a lot in common with guppies: they stay small, tolerate novice owners' mistakes and have colorful bodies. Additionally, both tetras and guppies prefer many of the same foods.