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Can this temperature fluctuation of the sometimes 10° in the tank water pose a problem for the fish
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Some other preset aquarium heaters claim that are set to thecorrect temperature t the factory and need no adjustment. These shouldbe viewed with even greater scepticism, and probably should beavoided. Since these heaters have no way to adjust the temperature,you cannot set the temperature correctly for your fish that preferwarmer or cooler water, and you have no option to elevate thetemperature in the tank in case of . An aquarium heater without anadjustable thermostat also means that the heater cannot be adjusted toaccount for differences in power stability or for age of the heaterand components.
It's vital that you measure the water temperature in your fish tank. If you're wondering what the best aquarium heaters are, here's 5 of the highest rated.
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Aquarium heater will automatically turn itself on and off according to the water temperature in the tank and the setting on the heater.
By the way, your fish tank is not big enough for Chinese algae eaters. The 5-gallon tank is perfect for just a betta fish. Mar 13, 2017 - We've compiled a list of 9 EXPERT TIPS on maintaining The Ideal Betta Fish Tank Temperature and water quality
Photo provided by FlickrThe heatin rod in my fish tank is set on 28C but the temp of the tank is raised to around 34 because of te room temp being very high
Photo provided by Flickrit's not possible to answer this without knowing more about the type of inhabitants going in the tank. But generally, 65-78F is the range for temperate and tropical fish.
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The life span of the fish can also be greatly increased when kept in the low end of the temperature tolerance range. We've experienced life spans that are 3 and 4 times what you would normally expect, when fish have been kept cool for long term. Fish grow their whole lives, even though growth slows down quite a bit as they age. Fish that live 3 times as long as one kept warm, will eventually get larger. So, even though it will take longer to get them to a large size, the maximum size is usually increased. Like most hatcheries where the room is heated, we have tanks on the bottom rows and in the corners, that are naturally quite a bit cooler. We put extra adults in those. The fast growing juveniles that we want to grow up quickly are kept in the warmest tanks and breeding pairs are usually in the mid-range tanks. This sorting allows us the best use of the tanks we have.:
Guppies are from tropical climates so your tank needs to be of tropical temperatures. You need a temp of 75-80 degrees Fahrenheit. It’s very important to have the correct water temperature for tropical fish. You may be able to hold down that water temperature if you live somewhere with warm weather. If you need to buy a heater, figure on needing 5 watts for every 1 gallon of water in your aquarium. You said your tank is 5 gal so that means you need a 25 watt aquarium heater.*Awarded Answer

Your aquarium does need a heater and I’m surprised you have gone this long without one. Guppies are tropical fish and the water temperatures need to be in the mid 70s at minimum. I imagine your fish are starting to be put under stress from it. Guppy fish call out for tropical water conditions of 70-78 degrees Fahrenheit. If your tank isn’t within that range constantly… then you need a heater. I’m trying to hold back on being mean, but you need to better research your pets before you just dump them into a habitat. Your fish could easily die from a variable like this that you neglected to follow. When buying an aquarium heater, figure on 5 watts per every gallon of water in your tank. So.. you said your tank is 10 gallons, that means the heater needs to be 50 watts. Local fish stores overprice heaters so I suggest buying online. Here is a .:
I live in Florida and that is technically a tropical habitat so none of my tanks need heaters. But my cousin lives in Minnesota and he has to heat his water so much that it brings up his electrical bill. It is important to have the correct water temps for your fish though. I highly advise you take action on getting a heater if your water isn’t at the right temp range. I did a bunch of research on the