i love the 25 meter tall aquarium idea!!! :D

Clear-For-Life 55 Tall Gallon Aquarium.
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If you have young kids or other pets, keep the cage in a safe place, or consider using an aquarium, bedding material often gets kicked out of wire cages, particularly if the base is shallow, so cleanup can be more involved; falls from overly tall platforms can seriously injure your hamster.
The next fish tank is the Tall Aquarium. Generally, these fish are tall (vertically lengthy). The fish that can fit in this tank are:
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"Waterjetted" :doh: WTF? when you hear churched up slang terms like this they are often used by hacks to impress people who build bird houses out of a tool shed and try to pass them off as aquariums. The term waterjetted probably refers to the method in which the glass or acrylic is cut i.e waterjet cutter. That or a "water pick" used to clean ones teeth. :bounce: And if the glass is tempered it is never cut with a waterjet cutter. Excuse me while I laugh a minute... And if a 36" tall tank bows like a "Mother" :bounce: I would have her checked for scoliosis. Professionals take their vocation seriously and understand the proper way of machining, annealing and bonding. You do not want to use tempered glass for the top either. The stresses are different, tempered glass if used at all should be used for the base only, which is normally thicker in a glass tank. (PVC base tanks excluded). It's 5-7 times stronger but fractures catastrophically rather than a cracking. This gives little to no time to salvage what you can if a crack occurs. The AquaDom in Berlin, Germany, is a 25 meter tall cylindrical acrylic glass aquarium with built-in transparent elevator.
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I'm trying to stay away from co2 but with the depth of this aquarium I'm not totally sure if it's a necessity to have more light and add co2 because of the 30" depth of this aquarium. Thanks in advance for any insight on this.Many of our tanks that are long are also tall, but a tank that is taller than it is wide or long makes an incredible impression and really stands out as custom designed for a specific area. That is the nature of our business after all; looking at a space and designing the best and most functional aquarium possible.We often talk about how we have made tanks in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Curved, room dividers, in wall, etc, the options for your next aquarium are practically infinite. But after an installation of a new aquarium this week, I paused to marvel on a unique design we don’t see all that often, the tall tank.This is a look into my 15 gallon tall aquarium. I grew up in a family that always had tropical fish but it has been many years since I have had any tanks, This is foray into the aquarium life again. I started with a 15 gallon aquarium kit plus a heater. added some feeder fish (White Cloud Mountain Minnows), a couple of pregnant guppies and a trio of albino cory cats. I also have a good start on some plants and I've planted an assortment of aquatic bulbs. I have an outside water trough that some of these guys may be spending the summer in and we will see where this takes me. Hope to update occasionally.So you see, whether you have plenty of space to work with, or the only way to build is up, a tall aquarium gives a really unique and custom look to any space.My personal favorite column style fish tank is the 15 gallon tall aquarium. I really do love this tank and it looks great in my home. The picture to the right shows my current setup. Since it sits in the corner of the room, it’s not in the way and dresses up the area, especially at night when the room lights are off and the tank light is illuminated. I can sit there and watch for hours. It’s so peaceful, almost therapeutic.