This Basic Aquarium is suitable as a first tank for nearly anyone

The typical 10 gallon fish tank size is 20 wide, 12 tall, and 10 thick
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Baby angelfish are adorable, and it can be tempting to add a couple to your tank. But these guys grow over a foot tall, and their adult size is much too large for a 10-gallon aquarium. In addition, they are aggressive, new-world cichlids best housed with similar large species, or in species-only tanks. If you want angelfish, consider a or bigger.
Apr 9, 2017 - Had this all in a 10 gallon fish tank until my MIL gave me a 20 gallon tall
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The typical 10 gallon fish tank size is 20 wide, 12 tall, and 10 thick. These are roughly the same dimensions as a medium sized microwave. Hopefully this gives you a good image of exactly how many places you could place the fish tank. Have a 10 gallon tall tank with Glofish and Serpae Tetras, fake plants and a small LCD ..
Photo provided by FlickrIt has a 10-gallon size and is ideal for use with smaller, non-aggressive fish
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Some freshwater fish, like Neon Tetras, prefer a wider fish tank that allows some swimming space. Other fish won’t mind a taller aquarium. Seeing as a 10 gallon aquarium is often the bare minimum for many types of fish, the dimensions matter. A longer fish tank usually opens up more stocking options.