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We also carry the  of the Coralife Aqualight T5 High Output Aquarium Lighting Fixtures
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The Coralife Aqualight High Output T5 Fixtures provide significantly more light than conventional fluorescent systems. The Coralife Aqualight High Output T5 Fixtures are an excellent choice for saltwater or reef aquariums.
We also carry the  of the Coralife Lunar Aqualight T5 Aquarium Lighting Fixtures
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The new Mini Aqualight from Coralife is a compact, versatile light source that is ideal for small aquariums, nano tanks, sumps, and refugiums. The Mini Aqualight includes two 6 watt T5 lamps and is suitable for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums. Clip for T5 Aquarium Lamp
Photo provided by FlickrThese Coralife Aqualight T5 aquarium lighting fixtures use normal output T5 bulbs and are recommended for use with fish only tanks.
Photo provided by FlickrT5 Fixtures from , ,  &  Available in a wide range of sizes and price points from Aquarium Specialty.
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Saltwater reef tanks with corals, clams and other light needing organisms will need the high output, very high output Fluorescent or metal halide lamps. Certain corals, anemones and clams require very intense lighting levels that can only be provided with T5-HO, VHO and metal halide light sources. A general rule of thumb for reef tanks is between 4 and 10 watts per aquarium gallon. Many reefers have lighting systems incorporating metal halides and VHO Fluorescent tubes. Research the species you want to keep because light requirements can vary. Because of the amount of heat these light units can produce, you may need to get an aquarium chiller to keep your tank water temperature in an acceptable range. The expense of lighting a reef tank may be just as high or higher than the cost of the live rock or even the price of all the other equipment combined.So here are the main reasons you should choose T5 grow light as your aquarium light. I guarantee you won’t regret this decision, because T5 lights truly are the best lights for freshwater aquariums with or without plants as well as marine aquariums.It had been years since I’d done any shopping for T5 bulbs, so I felt largely out of the loop as far as the different brands went. Once Advanced Reef Aquarium started carrying the ATI brand of T5 bulbs, I decided to make two videos displaying the differences in these bulbs.An overview of Fluval T5 HO (High Output) fluorescent lighting series for fresh and salt water aquariums, including Power Spectrum, Life Spectrum and Actinic I. For more information, visit
Would I recommend this Nova Extreme T5 lighting setup to a friend? Absolutely I would. It puts a lot of light over the aquarium and lets me grow corals that I've always wanted to grow. I give it We carry a wide selection of very high output T5 aquarium bulbs including bulbs from big brands like ATI and GE. The T5 bulbs we carry are the most trusted aquarium bulbs around. These bulbs do not only provide brightness to your tank, they also enhance the mood and beauty of your aquarium. Actinic blue T5 aquarium bulbs provide blue "night" lighting that does not only make your tank lovely to look at, but makes your fish relaxed since the lighting mimics the natural conditions of the ocean floor. The White T5 Aquarium bulbs give a bright "daylight" illumination and can be mixed with other bulbs to achieve your desired aquarium lighting.

Note: T5 bulbs have a box charge due to special packaging requirements. Box charge on 1-2 bulbs is $14.98, 3-5 bulbs is $9.98, and 6 or more is FREE. Please call for expedited shipping quotes or for shipping quotes on T5 bulbs to PR, AK or HI.