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Aquarium Sunk Ship Boat Ornament Decor Fish Tank Pirate Shipwreck Decoration #AquariumSunkChina
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The Penn Plax Large Striped Sail Shipwreck Aquarium Ornament adds a colorful exciting underwater shipwreck theme to your fish tank. This ornament replicates a sunken ship that lays on a rock deep in the ocean waiting to be discovered. The vibrant red, white, and green sails add a splash of color to your aquarium and offer visual interest. Other details inclu
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Sunken ships are a mainstay of fish tank ornaments. This finely detailed piece offers a twist on the old theme, featuring a submarine with a hull breach that reveals a torpedo within. Measuring 12.75 inches by 5 inches by 7.5 inches, there is a small cove under the ship that offers fish a place to hide. Accents are provided by brightly colored barnacles covering the hull and rocks. Aquarium Sunken Battleship Ornament Decoration Fish Tank Ship Wreck Boat NEW
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These days you can get fish tank decorations for just about any scene. Recently I stumbled across some really cool ones. Rather than a sunken ship, have you considered a sunken airplane instead? What about a sunken battleship or even a sunken submarine? These make an excellent alternative to the traditional sunken galleon ship fish tank decor.Sunken ships in the shipwreck theme have long been the traditional fish decor for aquarium themes. These fish tank decorations have stood the test of time and still make awesome decorations for your aquarium.