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Little Fish With a Suction Cup for a Belly
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The species of goby fish, Sicyopterus stimpsoni, also known as the "inching climber," thrives in the waters off Hawaii, and the amazing physical feat it must perform to survive is no fish tale! To reach the safe haven of its freshwater spawning area, this goby must scale a waterfall, or at least the rock behind it, using suction cups on its body.
But I am wondering if the higher weight of fish finders and the sharp movements of boat travel might make the suction cups not feasible for this use.
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Photo provided by FlickrThe fish uses its suction cup to rip apart mollusks from the rocks to which they are attached—and it works even underwater!
Photo provided by FlickrSuction cups for 3i | Tetra Aquarium - Tetra-Fish
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Adam Summers is a biologist with an extensive knowledge of sea life. At , a TEDx event on one of the many islands of the Salish Sea, Summers details his journeys tracking the wildlife of the area, from swimming with manta rays to investigating the suction cups of clingfish, wacky little creatures that might just hold the key to better surgical tools.Species evolve extreme adaptations to contend with the rigors of their environment. Microbes thrive; can live without ever taking a sip of water in the scorching U.S. Southwest; monarch butterflies can just to enjoy a bit of Mexican sun. And to colonize new habitats, determined little fish climb their way up Hawaiian waterfalls with their suction-cup mouths, like reverse .