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Make sure your supply is stable. To keep both your fish store customers and your bank account happy, you should ensure that you can continue selling the fish. If you are looking to sell on a one-time basis, make sure that the fish is healthy and relatively young to get a reasonable price on the animal.
Is there a store in my area that sells Rebel Fish salmon?
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Ok, I feel the need to rant a little bit here. You don't keep arowanas in 15 gallon tanks, especially when the arowana is about half the length of the aquarium and has to turn around constantly. If you have a fish, and somebody asks for the scientific name, you don't just tell them to "look it up". Teacup ray-a generic name for ALL STINGRAYS; they also don't max out at 12-18 inch diameters (at least most of them). Paradise fish are NOT gouramis (saw them labelled as such). And for the love of all things fishy, you do not sell a common pleco to a person who's starting with a 10 gallon tank, just for it to eat algae!!!! The inch of fish rule is defunct, and neon tetras don't max out at just one inch! I don't remember ADF's being able to grow to "the size of a softball, and able to jump out of a tank", last I checked, they stayed small. When I saw what looked like a painted glassfish, the employee I asked said "look at the labels" which were just sharpie, and did not note that they had painted glassfish. More importantly, these people are still selling dyed fish. The corals are way too expensive. Juvenile ocellaris clowns are not meant to be housed with harlequin tuskfish. Pearl gouramis are not meant to be housed with opaline, gold, and "paradise" gouramis. Saltwater tanks don't just take 30 days to be ready for a saltwater fish. They don't keep up with people asking for special orders of fish, even those as simple as pygmy and panda corydoras. They still sell feeder fish. Half of the fish they sell, I don't feel should go in the normal aquarists aquarium (Mono sebae, freshwater flounder, teacup rays, ropefish, severums, and other fish). Disclaimer: as far as I know, and from what I've observed and experienced, this is not libel, as everything I have typed in the above, has been true. Should the store being described change in the future for the better, I will edit this post. Aquarists of Arkansas, please don't bother coming to visit here, it's really not worth your time. I thought that we might want to make a list of all stores in Arkansas that sell fish/plants/corals/etc. This list should not include all the Petco's.
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Photo provided by FlickrCichlid-Man pointed this out in his thread that an article a few months ago said that Walmart would no longer be selling fish at some of it's US stores
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I totally agree. However, I don’t think stopping people from buying them would do much. WalMart doesn’t seem to care about their fish. they don’t (thank God) sell dogs or cats or hamsters, so why fish? Leave that to the pet store who know what they are doing, and care about the well being of their fish. I saw several catfish dead in a tank way too small for the at least 20+ catfish in there. We also saw at least 5 Oscars in yet another tiny tank with numerous other fish. Oscars get huge, and im sure the poor people trying to make ends meet that work there have no idea on proper care or conditions to school the customers to be sure they are properly aware of the needs of these fish. WALMART GIVE UP THE FISH, YOU MAKE PLENTY OF MONEY!!!Does anyone have a clue where to buy organic farmed trout or stores that sell good quality fish like wild Atlantic mackerel or Atlantic herring. ThanksI’m soooooo glad, thrilled, and relieved that Walmart has FINALLY stopped selling fish. I once bought a betta from that and there was no price tag on the cup, or a price code of any kind. So the lady at the register kept flipping the cup upside down and ever which way, trying to find a price. I almost flipped out and asked the lady to please stop. Poor fish! To top it off, she looked at me like I was in the wrong. Awful, awful, awful!!! Now we just need to work on walmart selling the right supplies as far as getting rid of those stupid betta cubes or fish bowls that are waaaay to small for any fish. Walmart stop selling live fish calls for a celebration!!!!!!Owners of local fish stores can tell you what sells well in their shop and how much they pay. It can be difficult to make much profit raising aquarium fish, unless you keep on top of trends. As methods of breeding fish and transporting them have evolved, international suppliers readily fill pet shops needs at lower prices than a local supplier might. A pet store owner might sell an angel fish for approximately $5, for example, but may have paid about 75 cents for the fish from a farm in Florida, according to Jay F. Hemdal, author of "Aquarium Fish Breeding." Some stores might offer you only store credit. Regional stores might buy from you if you can save them money on freight costs. A general rule, Hemdal notes, is that retailers pay sellers 25 to 35 percent of the retail price. Consider also selling fish online, particularly feeder fish, such as minnows, which are used for feeding large predatory fish.