HOW TO: DIY aquarium Spray Bar for filters - Duration: 7:23

55 Gallon Aquarium SprayBar by bgovoni is licensed under the  license.
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The spray bar sprays water, increasing surface agitation and improve oxygen replenishment. It also help evenly heat your aquarium.

The kit doesn't come with instruction or any kind of diagram.

The two size elbow are ment to be use to bend at a 90 degree to the back of the aquarium. Both elbow are for different size rubber hose/older model hence the different size.

I use both of them to bend around the corner so I can spray from the side.

If you have question regreding how to setup the spray bar...please leave a comment below.
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I speculate that it has pretty much the same flow as the spray bar once you find the right spot to position it in. It just another one of those forum hype things from Amano nature aquariums, and offer pleasing aesthetics over long bulky spray bars. But in terms of functionality, no big difference. I would wait till more knockoffs come in until your decided to purchase something so fragile. I think the AB store talked about having some version of the lily pipe sometime in the near future. Can't confirm that though. 300/600L/H Aquarium Internal Water Filter Fish Tank Submersible Pump Spray Bar
Photo provided by FlickrAquarium Filter Spray Bar
Photo provided by FlickrAquarium Filter Spray Bar
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What is the sound like with your spray bar? I have one attached to my Fluval canister filter, and it makes a water trickling/splashing noise that is quite loud when using a phone/skype in the same room. I find that I have to rotate the bar so that it hits the aquarium glass just above the water line, to keep it quiet.The other filtration method that utilizes spray bars is the trickle filter. Trickle filters depend upon an of water to remove dirty water from the aquarium. When the overflow threshold is reached -- and this varies from tank to tank -- water flows through a collection drain and is distributed over the filter media.Water filtration in aquariums is accomplished with various methods. Compatible with two types of filters, a spray bar is a plastic attachment that looks a little like a flute. The spray bar spreads water evenly, onto either the surface of the water or onto filter media.I plan on taping the entire thing together before gluing to test fit it into the aquarium. At $43 for the spray bar I really don't want to make a single mistake. Once glued, this thing will have to be completely replaced if I make a mistake.Spray bars are generally adjustable, and they can be customized to control spray direction, level of output and strength of pressure. As with other parts of your aquarium setup, you will need to clean your periodically to keep it from developing mold, bacteria or a buildup of debris. Without proper upkeep, a spray bar or filter can fail, costing you not just replacement parts but also, potentially, your fish.My UGF is walled off from the substrate and therefore the plant roots do not interfere with it. Any PMDD or micro solution to be applied is injected into the sand of the UGF. This ensures that it is further diluted and spread along the whole length of the rear by the spray bar and then along with the circulation flow forward through the plants. This is a very cool setup. Filters from front where it can be cleaned easily, CO2 injected into both green pipes (probably) and spray bar circulating water and CO2 towards the front. The hardware footprint in the aquarium isn't bad either, considering that even with canister filters and external reactors, there is usually at least one powerhead and at least one set of pipes into the tank.