How can I keep snails under control in my freshwater aquarium ..

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snails. Most do little harm (rarely damaging healthy plants significant, for example) and some good (oxygenating the substrate, for example) so provided you can keep the population at a low level, they're actually not something to lose sleep over. Bear in mind marine fishkeepers treat them as welcome "clean-up crew", so why freshwater aquarists get so het up about them is a bit mysterious to me! Cheers, Neale.>
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My daughter brought home a pond snail from school that was raised inour math & science center. Can we introduce this snail to ourestablished freshwater aquarium? Freshwater Aquarium Pests Tips to Help Rid Your Aquarium of Snails
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Some species of freshwater snail eat plants. Even a few common aquarium species, like mystery snails and apple snails from the family Ampullariidae, may devour aquarium plants. Most snails with vegetarian inclinations will also devour algae, so they may make a great addition to aquariums with plastic or silk aquarium plants. However, any live aquarium plant is fair game for these species, and few can grow fast enough to survive their browsing.When you know what to expect, freshwater aquarium snails can be a wonderful addition to your freshwater home aquarium. These hard and slimy workers love eating algae and decaying matter, keep your tank clean, and are great to watch!Freshwater snail I.D. 9/22/11
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Would you mind trying to I.D. this snail for me?
It would appears that some hitched a ride in on some plants that I ordered which have been in a cycling, unstocked (fish) tank for one week. This is the biggest (about 0.5 cm long), but a few more 'babies' seem to appear each day (last count ~10 individuals visible).
Should I remove them or let them be?
I live in Singapore, if that helps your I.D. attempts.
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They're basically harmless and feed on algae (diatoms, primarily) and organic detritus. Some people report damage to plants, but I have them in my planted tanks and they never seem to do any noticeable harm. They do breed fairly quickly, laying jelly-like masses of eggs, but they rarely become plagues in the same way as Melanoides spp. snails can do. I think they're rather fun to watch and add character to an aquarium. Cheers, Neale.>Malaysian Trumpet Snail care can be broken down into a couple of areas: shell size, , , diet, lifespan and reproduction. Malaysian Trumpet Snail care is so easy as a matter of fact, it is considered a good snail for beginners.Shell Size and Color: Malaysian Trumpet Snails have elongated shells that resemble a sugar cone. The shells appear to grow in rings as they swirl up from the apex. Shells can be solid or have patterns with colors ranging from brown, grey and creamy-white. Malaysian Trumpet Snails start life very small. Under the right conditions they can grow to about an inch in length from apex to aperture. At their widest point, their shells can be about the diameter of a pencil eraser. Malaysian Trumpet Snails need Calcium for healthy shell growth, so make sure calcium is available in their diets.Lifespan: In general, Malaysian Trumpet Snails live about one year. They can live longer under the right conditions and with a spot of luck. If a Malaysian Trumpet Snail dies above the substrate, it will be lying motionless on the bottom of the tank. If it dies while buried, it may not be noticed until the substrate is stirred up. While its good practice to remove dead inhabitants from tanks quickly to avoid water quality issues, some hobbyists choose to leave empty Malaysian Trumpet Snail shells in the tank, letting their minerals dissolve back into the aquarium water.Filter Intakes: Sometime, strong power filter intakes can be hazardous or fatal to Malaysian Trumpet Snails. Their small shells can get sucked up by the water current and they can get caught in the slats. The pull of the water can be overpowering and they can die stuck to the intake. So many hobbyists chose to cover intakes with sponge pre-filters to help keep the snails safe.Tank Size: One of the best things is that Malaysian Trumpet Snail care is easy and effortless. Trumpet Snails can live in small covered tanks like 5 or or larger tanks as well. Just keep in mind they are living organisms that produce waste and tax the bio-load capacity of their aquatic world. So be mindful of the tank’s limitations and .Water Parameters: Trumpet Snails seem to need little hands-on attention. As long as tank conditions are right, they will thrive in tanks without much effort. While Malaysian Trumpet Snails can do well in a wide range of water parameters, it’s good to keep conditions in the freshwater community tank range:Aquarium pH: 7.0 – 7.5, with water on the hard side