I Have Just Found A Small Snail Going Round My Fish Tank

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Yup, though mystery snails are not necessarily the same as apple snails they do get much too big for a 5 gallon, as do both tetras and guppies. If you’ve got a large enough tank for a school of tetras, though, they ar efun fish and should work just fine with shrimp. 🙂
Jun 19, 2014 - So just imagine my reaction when a snail appeared in my fish tank
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As far as different fish to eat the snail...I've found that it depends not so much on the kind of fish...but the fish's mood. My mother has two clown loaches, who will not touch the snails. If you want to add a fish to eat the snails...go to the pet store, and look for fish tanks that have empty shells in the bottom (as most pet stores are having thier own snail problems...I used to go to pet stores for bags of these snails to feed my freshwater pufferfish). After 1 day I cannot se any snails at all in my 2 tanks, Fishes and plants are OK.
Photo provided by FlickrMy snail is barely moving and staying on the bottom of the fish tank.
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The snails my dad has have a long, hard conical shell. I stole some and they work well with my goldfish (almost as large as a tennis ball) and even it has a hard time eating the larger snails. They’re not a problem in my tank, but my dad has tetra that keep dying off within DAYS! Could this be from the THOUSANDS of snails in his 100 gallon tank?I have used your suggestion about get rid of small snails using loaches. It works well. I bought three clown loaches for my sixty gallons fish tank, theThe inside of my water snail has gone hard. He was upside down in the bottom of the tank and when we fished him out the non-shell part is as hard as the shell. Is he alive? How has this happened? After 1 day I cannot se any snails at all in my 2 tanks, Fishes and plants are OK. No ammonia / nitrite spikes. I plan to continue this so that new hatched snails get killedThe only problem I had with snails when they appear in my tank were them getting into the filter. I purchased a plant and shortly thereafter I had hundreds of snails in my tank. On the glass, plants, rocks and filter. Looked pretty sweet. They helped with gravel aeration immensely. Eventually, I stopped feeding my fish for awhile and they ate the population down to a manageable level. Could use some more right now.what is a loach please is it a fish i have a 150ltr tank that is overun by snails i only have guppies in my tank
is the battery a safe way to please help im pretty new at thisI have my tank for 2 months, i went and got me some indian fern floating plants and after three weeks i found a slimmy freaking disgusting snail, now im thinking to giveup on the whole fish tank thing…I have two assassin snails in my 20L. They did a great job of bringing down the population of the snails in my tank (mystery snails I think. Tiny and dark brown or black and biggest one not much bigger than half a dime.) After two weeks of reducing feeding and introducing the assassin snails, I was finding little piles of empty shells underneath the decor. Dozens of shells per pile. I was also handpicking them out once a week to get the big ones. Can’t even tell I ever had them now. No chemicals, no massive deep clean. Just routine water changes, lowered the feeding, and the added assassin snails. I don’t mind a few snails because I know the benefits, but when there are so many that it could effect the quality of the water, the life of my fish and the live plants, the numbers have to be reduced. I can’t have sick fish and rotting plants.