I Have Small Brown Snails In My Tropical Fish Tank Is This Ok

If I were you, I'd put the snails in another tank with tropical fish or on their own.
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You know- You mention out-competition, and I think that's a large part of my problem. You have assassin snails, other people have loaches, but most tropical fish DON'T eat snails, and the snails have unlimited food eating all my plants (3 large amazon swords, etc). In a high light, planted tank the snails have ample food and no predators, so there is no answer once they have been introduced, except snail eaters.
I have a tropical fish tank that is over run with snails. They must have come in as eggs on the plants,and it looks as if there are loads more eggs on the leaves.
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Just a quick reminder that common Pond Snails in your Tropical Fish Tank will increase your Tank's bio-load. Snails poop just like every other animal in your Freshwater Aquarium. My 5yo spends a lot of time gazing into the tank and today she is the one who found the snails. We have four fish left, small tropical variety.
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Photo provided by FlickrMay 1, 2014 - If you are dealing with an aquarium snail infestation in your tank, try out ..
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Hello fish tank people! This is a quick video on my Assassin snails. These guys love to eat pest snails in the aquarium and do an amazing job! The assassin snail originates from South east Asia and you can buy them easily in most tropical fish shops.

I find these to be a great addition to any tropical fish tank as they are so useful. They are also known as the Bumble Bee snail as they have very attractive yellow and brown stripes on their shell.

Assassins are actually a type of freshwater whelk and not a true snail at all. They are relatively slow to breed and spend a lot of time hidden underneath the substrate.A Gold Inca Snail can do well in a wide range of aquarium water conditions. Staying within the tropical community fish tank range is a good start. My preference is for moderately moving, clear, oxygen rich water. Some hobbyist suggest that a Gold Inca Snail can do well in still water on the murky side. That may work too, but for aesthetic purposes, my personal preference is clear tank water.Snails can be a welcome addition to the freshwater tropical fish aquarium, or they can quickly overrun the tank and become a huge pest. If you wish to add these helpful invertebrates to your fish tank to help keep it clean, make sure you pick the right ones.