So correct, the bowl would be too small for two fish

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However, if you must put your fish in a bowl, and it's a tropical fish, there are small circular heaters that you place underneath the gravel to keep the bowl warm. You need to change the water EVERY DAY or at least every 2 days. You CAN actually use tap water, just condition it with tap water conditioner.
Please advice I have kept two fish tank , one 2 by 1 feet rectangular and one small round bowl
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I know it’s sad to give up your goldfish, but please follow up on my advice. Even if you feel the bowl is very large, any bowl is too small. If you’re interested in fishkeeping, try researching bettas or fancy goldfish. There are caresheets here on Aquariadise!
Good luck. 🙂 YOUNG EDWARD: “Kept in a small bowl, the goldfish will remain small. With more space, the fish can grow double, triple, or quadruple its size.”
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Photo provided by Flickrwhite clouds are also great for small fish bowls. they can even get along well with bettas. they are small and pretty!
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Take note however, that contrary to popular belief, fish bowls are not that easy to care for. In fact, it is easier to care for a larger fish tank. If you choose to keep fish in a bowl, there are several things you should keep in mind. Fish produces waste as they consume food, and these contribute to poor water quality. In a small environment like a bowl, it is easier for these wastes to accumulate and reach toxic levels due to the small volume of water to neutralize them. So if you could afford to keep a larger tank rather than a small bowl, please do. Fish bowls are only intended for the rest of us who don't have enough space to keep a large tank, such as those staying in college dormitories or small offices. This guide will help you learn how to keep and maintain a fish bowl at its best.The long and short of it is this – most people are too lazy to do their own research so they fall prey to marketing schemes designed to make money. Think about the last time you went to the pet store. Walking down the aquarium aisle, you probably saw a collection of betta fish in small plastic containers. Near those containers you probably also saw a number of small bowls and tanks being sold as betta fish tanks. In the pictures, the betta fish look happy and healthy living in their little bowls so most people assume that this is the ideal environment for them.As I cleaned Henry’s bowl, I explained to my mother the dangers of overfeeding – especially in a container so small. My sister kept Henry in a rounded glass vase with blue glass stones on the bottom and a small plant in the center. It is unfortunate but extremely common for people to keep fish in containers so small. Equally unfortunate is the fact that most of these people do not realize just how bad these conditions are for the fish.If fishbowls are out, then, what are the best conditions for betta fish and other solitary species? A betta fish is just like any other species – it needs space to swim and high water quality in order to survive. In an ideal world, betta fish would be kept in tanks no smaller than 5 gallons. Keep in mind, however, that bigger is always better. Larger tanks not only offer higher water volumes to dilute toxins, but they also provide room for essential equipment like aquarium filters, heaters, and lighting. You will find it difficult to fit even one of these items into a fish bowl.