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Water changes are the most important aspect of keeping happy healthy betta fish! A partial water change, up to 1/3 of the total water volume, needs to be done every two weeks to remove built up wastes and harmful dissolved compounds. If you are keeping a betta in a small tank without a filter (NOT recommended), then water changes need to be done every 7 days or more frequently. The easiest way to do water changes is with a gravel vacuum. A gravel vacuum is a large diameter tube connected to thinner, longer tubing. A siphon is started with the waste water collected in a bucket or poured down the drain. The gravel vacuum sucks waste out of the gravel without removing the gravel itself. Replace removed water with dechlorinated water of the same temperature as the aquarium water. If using tap water, a commercial tap water conditioner must be used to remove chlorine and chloramines. Alternately, well water or spring water may be used to replace the removed water.
Betta fish can get ill easier in smaller tanks so please remember to change the water frequently 🙂
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Kim I know from personal experience about what the final days look like. I’m only twelve years old and my 2 1/2 year old betta fish named Ford wasn’t stressed in his final days. He got a new 5-10 gallon tank. He used to be in a 1-3 gallon tank. He was a lot more happier in a bigger tank but it was his time. The last days are sad. First I saw he ate a lot less. Then he didn’t go for the food and ate off the bottom of the tank. Then he got pretty wide in a couple of days. I was scared and knew that was it. The next day he was not moving. Sitting at the bottom. We scooted his tank to see if he was alive but no he was gone. I love him. So I buried him today and got a new betta. A elephant ear male betta. He is small but he’s growing and happy. The pellets are too big for him so I feed him a really small amount of flakes because he is so small. Ford was old and grew purple and blue scales in his life time but started with some red. I miss him because he passed yesterday on Sunday January 3rd. I buried him on the 4th in 2016. The steps of death by old age scared me but now I know and u do to. Hope this helps good luck!! If you are looking for a mini tank filter for your betta or small fish tank here are few things you should consider:
Photo provided by FlickrWe suggest a 5 gallon tank for the happiest and healthiest betta fish. Small tanks and bowls are not .
Photo provided by FlickrBetta fish need , so you should never divide a tank smaller than 5 gallons. 10 gallon tanks should only be divided twice.
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Pet store bettas are, unfortunately, usually sick when you get them. The best thing to do is read up on them before buying and see if you can find one that's relatively healthy. You can also ask someone at the pet store when they normally get more bettas and try to get one from a new shipment.

If you're using melafix, use half or less of the recommended dose. There is another product by the same company called "bettafix", which is essentially the same but diluted. Melafix is actually pretty toxic, and bettas are affected by it more than most fish.

I always treated fin rot with just clean water and aquarium salt - about 1 teaspoon per 2.5 gallons of water. I'd put them in a smaller tank (my 2.5 gallon one instead of my 10 gallon one, usually) and change the water every day.I think you really love your beta, and want to do the best for it. Your beta tank is way to small, a beta is a big fish, and can.t be happy in such a little space to live. Think, you have to live your life in a space, as litte as a airplane toillet. I'm sad to say it, but in this little tank, it will not live a long time. Just search at google about taking good care of a beta, and you'll find lots of instructions about the size a tank should have. It also needs a filter, to get all its waste out of the water, and keep the water fresh and clean, places to hide, can be rockholes, or high plants, so it feels save. I'm absolutely not judging you, some petstores don't care of they sell proper envirements for the pets, and don't give always the right information, they only think about selling. Others really take care, and give you a really good advise, as they all should do I think. I think your little fellow needs more space, some gravel on the bottom, a few plants, en places to hide. It is a tropical fish, so a heater would be nice, and a filter is really needed. If he gets this, I'm sure, you'll have a happy beta, wich has enough space to show all his beauty, and even is gonna come to you wenn you're near his tank. (sorry for my bad english :-)). Wishing you all the luck and lots of joy with you're betta.