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To be able to choose the right pump for your water feature, the gallons per hour (GPH) that the pump can provide needs to compatible with the size of your water feature. Ponds, aquariums or fountains come in all sizes: small, medium and large, which relates to how much water they can hold. Small ponds range from 200 to 1,000 gallons of water, medium sized ponds up to 5,000, and large ponds have 10,000 gallons of water or even more.
Miniature pump for small aquarium, regular watering, inflatable swimming pools, etc.
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Aerate and circulate your water with the Hydor Pico Evolution Mini Pump. This low profile aquarium pump is suitable for both marine and tropical setups. Its design also allows it to function in low water levels, making it a great addition to your terrarium. Keep your water oxygen-rich and moving with this energy efficient fish tank water pump. Keeping your water well-circulated is an essential part of maintaining a healthy aquatic environment. Moving water is more aerated, providing more oxygen for your fish and aquatic plants. In reef aquariums, circulating water mimics the movements of the ocean tides, stimulating invertebrate growth and health. Flowing water also helps support partially aquatic environments like terrariums for aquatic turtles. The Hydor Pico Evolution Mini Pump guarantees high performance circulation and aeration as well as total safety for your aquarium and terrarium life. This energy efficient fish tank water pump is ideal for tropical and marine aquariums, terrarium setups and much more. The small profile makes it a great nano aquarium pump while the very low water intake lets it work well in low water levels as in terrariums. The sleek, universal design lets you use the versatile Hydor Pico Evolution Mini Pump in a variety of setups. The aquarium pump’s flow control knob offers an adjustable water flow so you can customize it to suit your needs. Use the fish tank water pump to circulate water gently in a terrarium or create a petite power head for reef aquariums. Miniature pump for small aquarium, regular watering, inflatable swimming pools, etc.
Photo provided by FlickrMiniature pump for small aquarium, regular watering, inflatable swimming pools, etc.
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These versatile pumps can be used in-line or as a submersible, in fresh or saltwater, and they're silent. Great for ponds, aquariums, filter systems, skimmers, fountains, water falls and water change systems. The small pumps (Mini and Mid) are suitable for running sponge filters and other applications for low-volume pumps. are a type of circulation and filtration system designed to keep otherwise stagnant aquarium water on the move and add much needed aeration. This keeps the tank a happy, healthy environment for fish and mimics as much as possible the currents and waves of natural oceans, lakes, and rivers. Of course, different types of aquariums require different types of pumps. For consumers who are new to fish care, this can be a bit confusing. Consumers with small, goldfish bowl-style of aquariums with only one or two fish rarely use pumps, though there are very small pumps available. For those who opt not to use a pump with a small fish bowl, the water must frequently be dumped, the tank cleaned, and the water replaced with clean, filtered water. That water must then be treated for impurities. Since it would not be very practical to dump and clean out a massive aquarium with multiple fish every other day, aquarium pumps reduce the need for these scheduled cleanings by moving the water about and providing the catalyst necessary for most filters to properly function. eBay has a wide selection of aquarium pumps, and consumers only need to know proper search methods in order to locate and purchase the right pump.
make bubbles that float to the surface and move the water. Moving surface water constantly mixes air and brings oxygen into the water. Air pumps might be a great solution for small tanks, but in larger tanks, over 18-24 inches, makes the air pump use more energy. In terms of energy use, an air pump wattage runs about 3 watts. Larger aquariums (and some ponds) >50 gallons using .The KEDSUM submersible water pump is designed for use in both freshwater or saltwater aquariums, water gardens, small ponds, water fountains, and hydroponic systems. It is small in size and operates quietly making it easy to disguise or hide if such need arises. Its maximum flow rate is 550 gallons per hour (2500 L/H) with a maximum lift height of up to 5 feet.