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When setting up your nano aquascape you may run into one problem, though: which aquarium plants fit in there? Keep reading for a list of 6 tiny plants that will look great in even the smallest tanks!
25 Water Lettuce (Small) Live Floating Aquarium Plants 50%OFF
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Hi, I have a 36 Gal tank and don’t want to put any soil or substrate. I have both gravel and sand because of my Clown Loaches I purchased 3 moss balls which sit on the bottom and occasionally get rolled around and have some Anubis (4 small plants) floating at the top of some fake plants. My aquarium stays cloudy and I’m wondering if I need more plants? Thank you 85%OFF 25 Water Lettuce (Small) Live Floating Aquarium Plants
Photo provided by Flickr80%OFF 25 Water Lettuce (Small) Live Floating Aquarium Plants
Photo provided by Flickr25 Water Lettuce (Small) Live Floating Aquarium Plants good
Photo provided by Flickr
Floating aquarium plants are an amazing feature to have in any tank. Floating plants are not attached to the bottom of the tank and they come in a lot of different shapes and sizes from very small to over a foot in diameter. Some of them have roots that hang in the water from the plants floating above them.A nano planted aquarium can be a great option for anyone short on space and money or if you’re just looking for a different kind of challenge. Despite their small size, they can still look just as lush as larger aquascapes and really brighten up a room. Aside from this both ferns have a rhizome at their base and can be glued or attached to wood or hard scape within the aquarium. They do not or should not be placed in the substrate as they will rot away. Java ferns are very tolerant of all kinds of water conditions. They are also very tolerant of lower light levels. This makes the Java Fern a perfect solution for the beginner wanting to try freshwater plants. Java ferns are inexpensive and can often be purchased in a range of sizes for small aquariums or larger aquariums. Java Ferns will not require any liquid fertiliser supplements or plant specific substrates.While some Cryptocoryne varieties can reach dazzling heights and easily grow to the top of an aquarium, Cryptocoryne parva stays very tiny at a maximum height of around 2.5 inch (6cm). This makes it the smallest Crypt and very suitable for a nano planted aquarium.Anubias a very easy, low-light plant that requires little care. This has made it one of the most popular aquarium plants available. Because the most common variety, Anubias barteri, can grow quite large, you may want to go for one of its smaller cousins for a nano planted aquarium: Anubias nana. This ‘dwarf’ version has smaller leaves and more compact growth, which means it shouldn’t outgrow your nano tank anytime soon. Just tie it to some rock or driftwood and it will do great in a wide variety of water values and conditions. You can buy Anubias nana online .
You can find a full Anubias caresheet .Water cabbage is naturally found in marshes all over the world (emersed version pictured to the side), but hasn’t been around in the aquarium hobby long and can be a little hard to find. Its leaves grow in small rosette shapes that resemble a head of cabbage and stay very small: around 4 inch/10 cm when provided with plenty of light. This makes it a great foreground plant that can be used even in the smallest setups.