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I am setting my parents fish tank up for them and I found this old goat skull in the pasture
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Aquarium/Terrarium Decoration Crocodile Skull for Fish Tank Resin OrnamentAquarium/Terrarium Decoration Crocodile Skull for Fish Tank Resin Ornament 7.49 GBP
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Also, I should point out that this is not a real skull. I would never endorse dead animals on my website, no chance. We are only about fish tank ornaments here. Ones made out of fish friendly materials and not dead animals. How dare you accuse me! If you can’t take my word for it, why not read some recent comments and reviews that other users have left for this product? Only if you really need to, I’m actually a very trustworthy person. Honest. Click to see a collection of recent comments and reviews from happy customers. Not including me! Buy Aquarium/Terrarium Decor for Fish Tank Resin Ornament Human Skull Bone at Wish - Shopping Made Fun.
Photo provided by FlickrJul 24, 2015 - Feeling like you want some treasure? Grab this valuable pirate skull for your fish tank and say ARRRR!
Photo provided by Flickr140 Results - 1Pcs Aquarium Resin Hollow Skull Head Cave Ornament Resin Crafts for Aquarium Fish Tank Landscape Decoration Cool Decor
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Of course it is! Look at it! It’s a ! In your fish tank! This is insanely cool. If you’re looking for an unusual fish tank ornament, look no further than here. It’s not a real skull, of course. But it is extremely well made. And of course, fish friendly. All that might happen is they will get a little fright. Keeps them on their toes (do fish have toes?).ARRR! Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you….But check out this awesome ornament for your fish tank! If the Human skull on this website is not hardcore enough for you, then this pirate skull will be right up your street! Shiver some timbers with this freakishly realistic pirate skull, and give your fish tank some real treasure!I honestly think that this unusual fish tank ornament would be a great addition to any fish tank, even if you’re not obsessed with death and skulls. And chances are, you aren’t. But having something like a human skull in your fish tank is a great way to get people talking about your fish tank. If you want to have a popular fish tank. But don’t just take my word for it; there are literally hundreds of positive reviews and comments about this cool product online. Click to take a look at some of the best.This t-rex skull has a great realistic look to it which people seem to really love, plus it’s a good size and big enough for fish to play around. The product picture of this item on Amazon is actually pretty inaccurate – the image we’ve included above is what it looks like, you can also take a look in the reviews for more images of what this looks like in a fish tank.So if you want an awesome pirate themed ornament for your fish tank that won’t try to steal your treasures or drink all your rum, then go ahead and grab this pirate skull! Obviously we think this ornament is absolutely awesome, but we aren’t the only ones. To read a whole host of positive reviews and comments about this product, The skull is made from a special resin that is completely safe for fish and is not toxic in any way. So if your fish tank is in need of some heating up, add this fire-y dragon skull to your collection today!