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Silk Snappers can be identified by the yellow iris (Red Snapper have a red iris). They have a red body that’s slightly darker on top and have a thin yellow line running longitudinally along the body. This tasty fish is found in the western Atlantic from Northern South America to North Carolina, the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean waters. The Silk Snapper feeds on crabs, shrimp and other fish and has a firm texture and a sweet nutty flavor.
Silk Snappers make a great addition to your retail case – whole and fillet fish!
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Photo provided by FlickrH5172 Tabriz Hand-knotted Oriental Wool-Silk Fish Design Burgundy Rug (3' x 10')
Photo provided by FlickrWe love how the silk fish pop!
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This Snapper is found along the coast of the Western Atlantic, from North Carolina to São Paulo, Brazil, but is most common around the Antilles and Bahamas. It can get up to almost 33 inches long and 18 pounds but the photo specimen was 12-3/4 inches and weighed 1 pound 1-7/8 ounces. It looks almost identical to the Pacific Red Snapper but its cooking properties are a little different. There have been reports of from eating this fish from tropical reef environments. Silk Snapper is Red List rated NE (Not Evaluated) but is not considered threatened.Meanwhile, these slimy threads could have a practical use for humans. Hagfish slime threads are almost as strong and light as spider silk, which researchers have been trying to adapt for use in clothing for years. (Related: “.”)Silk Snapper flesh is so tender it is unsuitable for wet cooking, and rather than flaking apart, it just sort of crumbles on the plate. The flavor is rather light and will not deeply offend people who like their fish "white and lite". There is a dark band down the center under the skin that is both wide and deep, but it doesn't taste much stronger than the white meat.Fudge’s lab has successfully harvested small amounts of hagfish thread and spun it like silk, and earlier this year the team published a paper describing stronger fibers made from a related protein.