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You can create your own surreal floral garden in the fish tank. Select colors that look good together and also compliment the color of your fish. Avoid colors that are the same or too similar as the fish color. Silk flowers are available at all craft stores, and are perfectly safe to use as long as it is all SILK. Don't buy the shiny plastic kinds, or flowers dusted with anything. Make sure there are no protruding wires too. You can also buy silk greenery for compliments, or you could do all silk plants instead of flowers (easier with a larger tank). Silk craft plants come in all sizes and shapes, and generally look less fake than the ones I've seen at the store.
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35L glass tank, Tetrarec EX600 External filter, Gravel base, Rock, drift wood, silk & natural plants. 3 goldfish (1 Common, 1 Comet, 1 Fan Tail), 2 Rosy Barbs, 1 Golden Barb. 15-Aquarium-Plant-Plastic-Grass-Green-Fake-Water-Grass-Fish-Tank-Plants. Petco Midground Plant Multi-Pack Silk Aquarium Plants. Fish TankAquariumPlant.
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Artificial aquarium plants are preferred over live plants by many fish enthusiast because they do not affect the oxygen level in the tank. In addition, these plants last long when compared to live plants and they do not tend to outgrow the aquarium. Like all other things in the aquarium, artificial plants also need to be cleaned once in a while so that they remain neat. Artificial plants are usually made of plastic or silk. The best thing to do when cleaning them is to use materials that are not too harsh.Beginners often start with fake plants for their betta fish and to make their tank more visually appealing. That’s perfectly fine even for those who don’t ever wish to care for live plants. It’s very, very important that you choose silk plants over plastic plants though unless the plastic is soft and not jagged. Betta fish have delicate fins which can be easily torn on hard plastic edges.Fake plants are also great in kids’ aquariums. Aquariums are a great way to teach children responsibility. Cleaning the aquarium, feeding the fish, and watching them grow are wonderful and exciting ways to get your children to learn a little bit of responsibility. Real aquatic plants could be difficult for a child to tend to when first learning how to take care of their new fish tank. Silk plants provide the perfect solution to beginner planted aquariums.Any artificial plants that need to be cleaned should be removed from the fish tank and placed in the sink, bathtub, or other suitable container. Always make sure that there aren’t any fish, snails, invertebrates, and etc. hiding on the plants. Products like plastic plants and silk plants can be bleached to look like new. Always wear gloves so as to protect your skin from bleach. Soak the plants in a solution of 15 to 20 percent plain bleach. Do not use perfumed bleach or the gel type bleach….they don’t rinse off nearly as well and can retain residual chlorine or chloramine from the bleaching. After a short period of time, the plants will be cleaned. Rinse them thoroughly under running water. After they have been rinsed well, submerse them in fresh water with several drops to several squirts of will remove excess chlorine or chloramine that is left from the bleaching process. A couple of minutes in will usually do the trick. Rinse items briefly one more time in fresh water. A quick sniff of the plants will let you know if the process needs to be done again. If you do smell any bleach then most likely the bleach solution was a bit too high. Next time use less bleach.