How to Tell if a Betta Fish Is Sick: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

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I HAVE to do a water change since that one fish was dead and the tetra food is dirtying up the water super fast. I am about to go get betta revive...but I found it curious there were such drastic changes in a two day span, so I'm not sure whether he is very sick, or very stressed, or very sick because he is very stressed..etc. Any suggestions would be appreciated....let me know if i am making some OBVIOUS mistake please.
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Betta fish are also very active fish. If you notice your Betta becoming lethargic, and in particular, if theBetta is spending a good deal of time in the bottom of the tank, there is a good chance it is suffering from aninfection. A bulging of the eyes is another common symptom of a sick Betta. Most decent pet stores have drops andother additives that can usually help to clear up this problem. Since the disease is contagious to other fish, you have to separate your sick betta and treat them in a separate tank.
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How can you keep your fish free of Betta diseases? The answer is simpler than you may think. You can keep your Betta from getting sick by maintaining a healthy tank environment. Watch this video for tips on how to do that and prevent Betta diseases from affecting your pet fish! For more tips, get instant access to our famous ! Ask questions before making your purchase to ensure that the Betta was well cared-for at the pet store. Also, be attentive when bringing home your Betta to make sure he is still alive. Since Bettas are not very active, they could lie dead in a plastic bag or glass bowl without anyone noticing. Sometimes Bettas are already sick because of the less-than-healthy conditions in the . To guarantee the purchase of a healthy fish, visit only those dealers that have been referred or those that have a proven reputation. Your Betta can become sick from many different situations. If the water in your fish tank is too warm or too cold, it can severely affect them. Or perhaps there is chlorine in the aquarium water or another chemical that is toxic to your Betta. Also, many diseases are caused by various catalysts within your aquarium. A quarantine tank also helps ensure that your new fish isn’t sick and won’t introduce any diseases to your main aquarium, which shouldn’t happen if you followed all the steps for choosing a healthy betta, but still, better safe than sorry. is very contagious. Separate the fish that appear uncontaminated from the diseased fish. Place the uncontaminated Betta in a separate quarantine tank until you are sure they are healthy. To prevent the disease from being transferred to your healthy Betta, do not share nets between the tanks. Also, ensure that you wash everything used in handling either the sick or the quarantined Betta properly in hot water before using it with any other fish.Bettas can be vulnerable to a variety of illnesses. Knowing how to distinguish specific symptoms is essential so you can takeimmediate steps to isolate the sick betta and protect the other fish in the tank. Even if you don't have other fish in thetank, using a one-gallon fish bowl for your sick fish will make it easier to administer medications. Just make sure that youuse the same tank water from his usual tank to avoid an abrupt change in his immediate environment.