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For details on the proper set-up of your goldfish tank, see our  page.
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I have heard of some people actually using goldfish in their “nitrogen cycle” to help make it go faster. Because the goldfish is so hearty with it’s water conditions. I also get the hint that a lot of them don’t care about goldfish at times… I think that is wrong. What I always do to skip this process of new tank syndrome is ASK the petstore for a chunk of the filter setup and toss it in your new filter setup. What do you think of that idea. haha
Learn how to set up a goldfish tank from aquarium expert Joseph Caparatta in this Howcast video.
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I’ve had my red fan tail for 3 years in a big florist vase with about 2 gal of water with pea gravel and a little palm tree ornament. I bought it for my then 3 year old granddaughter and never expected it to live long. The two of us changed the water once a week and put 12 drops of Tetra decloriniator in the room temp water before changing. His color was fading and turning white over time and we thought nothing of it. Surprise! Surprise! This little red fan tail was a hearty fish to live 3 years like that. At Christmas we decided that our little “Spot” goldfish deserved to live in a proper 10 gal. tank so I began researching gold fish care in a big tank but had to keep the budget at $70.00. I bought a 10 gal kid and we set it up for cycling using only the declorniator and a bacteria solution. We waited 48 hour before putting him in using the recommended procedure for acclimation. Gee Wiz! If my little guy lived this long we figured we might kill him with the change or he would survive. Well, Spot has been in the tank 2 weeks. He’s a bright color and swimming around like crazy. He loves to bubble surf in the air bubbles from the wand. My budget this month will allow me to get a test kit and syphon and a few more supplies as we embark on learning how to properly care for Spot. I really like this website and will consult it often. Thanks for being here. Those are the basic tips that you need for setting up a goldfish tank.
Photo provided by FlickrMy goldfish tank set up after cycle
Photo provided by FlickrThose are the basic tips that you need for setting up a goldfish tank.
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Providing a nice, natural-looking setup with plants, rocks, or pieces of driftwood on the tank floor will give your goldfish new opportunities to explore. Goldfish Series - Goldfish Tank SetupTo set up a goldfish tank, let me define tank. Most people, when they buy a goldfish, when they win a goldfish at a carnival, it usually comes in a bowl. I think goldfish bowls are one of the top sellers at aquarium shops, so let’s talk a little bit about bowls, and then let’s talk about why it’s better to get a tank versus a bowl.I completely changed my goldfish tank set up... I added black sand, a fake 3 foot long bamboo plant, 2 live Amazon Sword plant, and a few tank is 30 gallons, my filter is an Aqueon Quiet Flow 55/75 it does 400GPH and I also have a Aquaclear 70 which does 300GPH... I have my two goldfish Fantail: Klaus and Oranda: BlakelyIf you are a fan of keeping fish as pets, you need to opt for the goldfish. Statistics show that this type of fish is easy to care for by using simple methods. You simply have to create a nice thriving environment for the fish and that is it. We are going to learn about how to set up a fish tank for goldfish. Check out the steps below.Plants set in gravel will almost certainly be uprooted by goldfish, so it is usually a good idea to embed them in tank objects or in pots. Most aquatic plants can be re-planted after being dislodged with no harm done.Okay lets start with the basics. Fancy Goldfish need at least 20 gallons of water and Single tailed need at least 40 gallons. So you've got a 20 gallon tank and you just got the tank home with no fish at all at this point. Well the first thing is to In short terms setting up the tank is placing water into the tank, rocks, filter, and plants if you want to. Now once the tank is all put together you will need to let the tank run for atleast 24 hours before adding the fish.