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Barbs and Semi-Aggressive Tetras, such as the black skirt, silver dollar, serpae and red-eye Tetras, should not be kept with other fish with long, flowing fins. These brightly colored schooling fish add movement and color to aquariums. Most species are recommended for beginning aquarists.
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Freshwater Angelfish are not the same as their saltwater counterparts although they bear some superficial resemblance. They like softer acidic water but will do fine in neutral water. They are semi-aggressive and reach a fairly good size of about 6 inches when full grown. Even though they are larger they will do well in a freshwater community planted tank with small schooling fish and so are great for any mid size or larger size planted aquarium. They prefer to be kept in groups and are not solitary fish. They are probably not a good tank mate for discus though which are similarly sized but more passive. These fish will add drama and contrast to the semi-aggressive aquarium.
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: South American Cichlids are a diversegroup of fish often referred toas New World Cichlids. Cichlids are hardy, easy to care for fish thatadd brilliant color to the freshwater aquarium. South American Cichlidsare found from Central America through South America and can becategorized into Dwarf Cichlids, Larger Amazonian Cichlids, and LargerNeotropical Cichlids, all of which have different care levels and tankrequirements. These larger species are mostly predatory fish that areterritorial innature and should be maintained in the semi-aggressive or aggressiveaquarium. South American Cichlids have very interesting personalitiesand are extremely intelligent fish with highly evolved parental skills,making them one of the most popular groups of aquarium fish.You may have seen tropical fish labeled as semi-aggressive and wondered if they were smart choices for your freshwater aquarium. This label can be confusing, and not all fish earn it for the same reason.I don't want to hurt any fish I might be getting, but there are some really pretty semi aggressives I would like to add to my aquarium, which is going to be mostly community.If you want to keep fish that are considered semi-aggressive in your tropical aquarium you need to understand the potential issues. Always do your research, and find out why a certain fish can be aggressive at times. Make sure you stock your tank in a way that alleviates most of the issues. The first step is to know the fish you plan to stock in your aquarium. In this article we’ll take a look at many common semi-aggressive tropical fish and what makes them potentially dangerous to other inhabitants of your tank. If you understand these fish before you stock them, you can make sure everybody gets along, and reduce the chances of aggression in your aquarium.If youa??re thinking about adding semi-aggressive freshwater fish to your tropical aquarium take a moment to read through this list of suggestions.